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Flumroc AG has produced rock wool from Swiss rock at its production facility in Flums (SG) for more than 60 years. Switzerland’s only manufacturer of rock wool products is one of the largest employers in the Sarganserland region.
Environmentally oriented enterprises make sure that their IT systems are composed of environmentally friendly components. IT manager Bruno Nagy summarises the company’s experiences with Prime computers: “If we had to describe the use of PrimeMinis as office PCs in just a few words, we would choose these: smart, innovative, quiet and appealing”.

Flumroc AG

Environmental protection a top priority

Protecting the environment is a top priority for Flumroc AG – it is also the reason for the company’s contact with Prime Computer. The company from the Rhine valley does everything in its power to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In 2013/2014, Flumroc modernised its 30-year-old office building on the basis of an exemplary concept. Today, the building has a very effective outer shell and is highly energy efficient; both of these factors contribute towards a pleasant room climate and a healthy building ecology. In fact, the office building is also a power plant. Equipped with solar panels on the roof and façade, it produces more energy than it consumes. As measurements confirm: the goal of a PlusEnergy building has been achieved. Waste heat from production is transferred to the district heat system. The products manufactured by Flumroc AG are very versatile: they can be used for heat insulation, preventive fire protection and effective sound and noise insulation. The areas in which they are used are just as varied: structural engineering, building technology, steel construction and industrial applications.

Flumroc AG

Rock – molten and spun

Flumroc AG mainly uses indigenous rock from the canton of Graubunden for its products. The manufacturing plant in Flums melts, spins and processes the rock to produce high-quality insulation products. The production of rock wool creates and supports a closed loop: production waste, building site excess and rock wool from demolished buildings is collected, pressed into briquettes and 100% recycled as raw material.
Rock wool products are characterised by the natural properties of rock – rock does not burn. It comes as no surprise that Flumroc rock wool products score top marks when it comes to fire behaviour and the ecological balance sheet. Rock wool products are used as heat insulation in external walls, pitched roofs, flat roofs, floors, ceilings and partition walls and maintain their shape over many decades. Their special mix of rock types gives them a melting point in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius. Rock wool is also breathable and does not absorb moisture.

Flumroc AG

250 tonnes of rock wool per day

Up to 250 tonnes of rock wool leave the Flumroc production plant in Flums every day. Modern software, a sophisticated transport system and a well-oiled logistics team ensure that the finished insulation products arrive at the building site just in time. Flumroc AG schedules its production and logistics activities from scratch every day. This enables a high degree of flexibility and makes it possible to respond quickly to customer needs. A standard product ordered today will arrive on site the day after tomorrow. To put it another way: the insulation installed in a building today could well have been pure rock only the day before yesterday.

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