The Clinical Information System MedicalDesktop™ combined with IT hardware from Prime Computer

The Clinical Information System MedicalDesktop™ is frequently offered together with products from Prime Computer as a bundle.

“We have never had a problem with hardware from Prime Computer so far. On the contrary: dozens of our customers have praised the combination of MedicalDesktop™ and Prime Computer hardware”, explains Heuberger in an interview. The general customer opinion is: “The PrimeMini from Prime Computer needs very little space, is aesthetically appealing, fast, makes no noise and consumes very little energy”.


Development of a user-friendly information system

The company Medical IT Services was established in 2003. The idea that led to the company’s foundation was to develop an innovative, user-friendly information system for medical practices and clinics for use at an eye clinic. The idea resulted in the development of the MedicalDesktop™ software product – a system that is accurately aligned with the needs and wants of physicians and clinics to provide them with comprehensive support during their daily activities. According to Fabian Heuberger, Chief Software Architect and partner, more than 14 years of practical experience have flowed into the surgery and clinic information system since the foundation of the company.
“Extensive expert knowledge of workflow processes and customer needs coupled with technological competence and passion have made MedicalDesktop™ what it is today: a successful and reliable digital assistant”. It is always available when it is needed, takes care of administrative tasks in the background, optimises data structuring, stores data and makes it available as and when it is needed. “Thus, users can concentrate on the essential – the health of their patients”, explains Heuberger. It is important to run the system on hardware that is reliable and energy efficient and protects patients from the risks posed by micro-organisms.


More time for patient care

The most important criterion during the development of MedicalDesktop™ was to be able to spend less time on administration thanks to optimised, electronically supported workflow processes, thereby creating more time for patient care. The goal is to simplify everyday life at the medical practice or clinic with the help of MedicalDesktop™ and to have more time for patient care whilst keeping costs as low as possible. MedicalDesktop™ is available both as classic software and as a private cloud solution. The reliable and proven software delivers the security required for patient data. The company sets great store by personal, competent support.

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