Prime Computer Industrial PC – reliability through better technology

If you are looking for the highest quality industrial PC, Prime Computer products will definitely appeal to you. These are tailored to the needs of companies and are considered as a benchmark for safety and quality. So many people do not even know that excellent computers see the light of day in Switzerland. Every work step is closely monitored and PCs are created that are maintenance-free and perform reliably. In addition, the latest techniques are used in production and the added value for IT managers, PC users and companies is unmistakable. The computers of Prime Computer are equipped for all requirements, enabling first-class process optimization. Prime Computer products help you work more efficiently, and operational safety is taken to a new level thanks to reliable solutions. Prime Computer has managed to combine the robustness of an industrial PC with visually appealing design. So the devices can also be optimally used in an office or at the reception. The computers of Prime Computer are even used in recording studios, conference rooms or graphic offices. The PC-Case is also almost completely sealed, which is why Prime Computer’s solutions are also used in carpentry, hair salons and metalworking companies. But what benefits can you still look forward to?

Technology and design are in harmony

In addition to an appealing look, the technology of the industrial solutions of Prime Computer also inspires. You can sustainably reduce your costs as the PCs score with a long service life and are also extremely cost-effective to maintain. So the power consumption is extremely low and you have any maintenance costs. Within five years you can thus save several thousand francs per device. Prime Computer’s products are especially the first choice in the commercial sector. The mechanic-free and fanless design also promises the highest level of reliability, as only components from renowned manufacturers are processed during production. A PC failure can lead to huge losses for a company. That is the reason you should always rely on the products of Prime Computer. The innovative fanless design ensures that the computer can not pollute. You also benefit as the wear is reduced to a minimum. Maintenance is not required on Prime Computer industrial PCs, saving you time and money. Despite these excellent features, the operating speed of the computers does not suffer. You will be surprised by the short charging and switch-on times and the performance remains consistently high, even after several years of use. Responsible for this is the passive, wear-free cooling. Thus, the efficiency of the computer is increased with very simple means and that makes the PC of Prime Computer your optimal companion through the daily work.

More hygiene in the workplace

Also in terms of hygiene, the computer assumes an exceptional position. The passive cooling technology in combination with the almost completely closed housing ensures that the air is not whirled up. Microbes, bacteria, dust and pollen are not sucked in and released into the environment. You will notice the difference clearly and you certainly never want to bet on another alternative. Dust and dirt eventually damage your health and Prime Computer shows that there are other solutions as well. You immediately notice is the compact design, when you look at the computer. The Case is made of aluminum and is therefore extremely robust and thermally conductive. The weight is also reduced by the missing fan. The industrial computers of the Swiss manufacturer work completely noiselessly and vibrations are now a thing of the past. Enduring workplace noise can quickly be a nuisance to traditional PCs, so you’ll love the Prime Computer solutions. The environment is also spared, because in addition to the low power consumption, the computer contains many components that can be recycled. Replacement of the computer due to the durable construction method is required only in very rare cases. The Swiss manufacturer is convinced of its products and therefore provides a guarantee of 5 years for all new appliances. Every computer undergoes extensive testing prior to delivery, and Swiss manufacturing is designed to ensure that the computers are operated in a reliable manner. The performance is consistently good despite the high load and even some private users with high demands, have already chosen the high-quality products from Prime Computer.

Compact and stylish – The PCs from Prime Computer cause a sensation

If you take a look at Prime Computer’s products you will immediately recognizes that they have done real quality work. The compact design convinces especially. The small size allows the computers to be set up almost anywhere, giving you more space in your office. The stylish design leaves no questions unanswered. The aluminum surface is high quality and the computers can also be customized on request. This gives the PC a personal touch and makes it even more desirable. The development and production of the PCs takes place exclusively in Switzerland. Pollutant emissions are also significantly lower compared to other devices. The situation is similar with electromagnetic radiation. The industrial computer of the Swiss manufacturer Prime Computer leave no questions unanswered and if something is unclear, then the outstanding support is there to help you with words and deeds. Even after use, the computer of Prime Computer does not pollute the environment. Packaging and housings are mostly made of secondary raw materials. These are recycled materials.

The products of Prime Computer do not only provide you with loyal service, they also consist of high-quality materials. That is the mixture you shouldn’t miss when looking for the next PC.

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