Eco-friendly PC – Our PrimeMini convinces by its beautiful design, and also environmentally friendly nature

Most users of PCs and laptops do not use up to 100% of their computing power. Why not switch to greener solutions that also deliver high performance for all day-to-day tasks? This can be achievedwith our devices from the PrimeMini product line.

What is the PrimeMini?

These are very compact mini PCs which are equipped with a passive cooling system., These devices are the same size as a Router. This makes the PrimeMini very mobile and compact enough to sit on any desk. All the ports necessary for the operation of your peripherals – mouse and keyboard, for example – are available in the form of four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI ports, Mini DisplayPort and other interfaces.

This gives you the opportunity to buy a PC that is designed to be space-saving, and able to easily handle Office, accounting, web, social media, image editing and other tasks. Optionally, connect your PrimeMini via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet to networks and the Internet.
With its sturdy construction the PrimeMini can operate under difficult circumstances. The device has been designed to allow trouble-free performance in a temperature range of 0 °C to 50 °C. If the PrimeMini gets too hot, the device automatically reduces its performance, in order to continue operating. When not in use, the PrimeMini can be stored at temperatures that range from -20 °C to 80 °C.

With or without Operating System – the choice is yours

Each PrimeMini is optionally delivered with or without Windows 10 as the operating system.

  • Turn on the PrimeMini and, after entering the individual license key on the bottom side of your device, use Windows 10 just as you know it from your other PCs. Since commercial components are used inside, there will be no problem installing all Windows applications in it.
  • Alternatively, use the PrimeMini without pre-installed operating system and decide for yourself what operating system you will like to install later, such as all popular Linux distributions. Thus, the system is also suitable for your very specific applications, for which Windows 10 may not be the right choice.

Afterwards, you will experience the numerous applications for the PrimeMini: For example, image editing using professional software. Use the device in the living room as a small media PC that can completely replace a NAS server. Take the compact computer to the office and do your presentations with them.

If you chose a PrimeMini, with or without preinstalled Windows, there will be no pre-installed Bloatware on the system. You get a clean operating system that is not bloated by third-party promotional offers. Thus, you will buy a PC that is 100% ready to use.

Since there are no moving parts inside – data is stored on silent SSDs –vibrations or jolting is of no danger. The PrimeMini could also be considered as mobile, for example in a caravan or on a boat as a media PC, signage or other use you may have.

PrimeMini is Silent

All PrimeMini devices use U series Intel CPUs. These power-saving processors are responsible for the low energy consumption, even under load. Depending on the workload, you can save hundreds of francs over the device’s service life. At the same time, the entire system does not require an active cooling solution. No matter how much you use the PrimeMini, you will not hear any sounds from inside the casing. Especially people who like to concentrate while working (in total silence); this is a great advantage over desktop PCs or notebooks with running fans. Indeed, where the sound of a large number of PCs can impact the work environment like a Call Centre.

At the same time, the PrimeMini is a smart purchase for allergy sufferers: Since there are no fans inside, no dust particles are sucked in. The components are therefore not covered with dust over time. That dust could be blown back into the air in other systems, which may be bad for allergy sufferers. All these disadvantages are completely eliminated in the PrimeMini. Hence, this device can be seen as a very hygienic, compact PC, since it will have no dust inside it, even after many months and years.

PrimeMini as an eco-friendly alternative

Perhaps the most important point has not yet been addressed: the PrimeMinis have been designed in such a way that the end result is a powerful and compact, but also ecologically beneficial product. Several advantages are responsible for this:

  • The low power consumption means more money in your wallet in the long run. At the same time, it also protects the environment, as you can easily replace a power-hungry desktop PC with a much more efficient PrimeMini.
  • The longevity of the PrimeMinis should also not be forgotten. In addition, Prime Computer offers every customer a free five-year warranty, which of course also has a positive effect on the long-term costs. Because the devices can be used for longer periods of time and therefore no maintenance costs are incurred.
  • There are no moving parts as there are no mechanical HDDs and no fans. This reduces wear and tear so that individual components need to be replaced only rarely or not at all.
  • All components in the PrimeMini have been selected and assembled in such a way that subsequent reuse is possible. We do not work with glue, as many other manufacturers do, but with screws that allow easy disassembly after use.
  • We use recycled materials for production. The entire construction, with the exception of components such as CPU, GPU and hard disk, is made of environmentally friendly materials. When your old PrimeMini reaches the end of its life, we will be happy to take it back and use it further.

These and other features are responsible for bringing a powerful package into your home without any noticeable disadvantages compared to a full-fledged desktop PC. All PrimeMinis can be used in many different ways – at home, in industrial halls, in trade or even in the office. The stable construction allows them to be used in almost any desired location.


Developed and produced in Switzerland

With the exception of CPU, GPU and other hardware, the production of the PrimeMini and the complete development takes place in Switzerland. With the purchase you support the local economy and rely on quality workmanship that will accompany you from the first moment. The complete quality control is carried out by our trained staff – and if you have any problems, our support team will be happy to help you. We do not rely on partners abroad, but have full control over all products. This benefits both us and, first and foremost, you, the customer.

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