The Mini Server from Switzerland reliably fulfills all requirements

Do you want to rely on a server that’s been manufactured in Switzerland and that can inspire you as a true power pack? Then, the Mini Server from Prime Computer is the right choice for you. The server has great performances and will convince you with its reliability. In 2013, Prime Computer AG was founded in Switzerland and since then the products have convinced countless customers both home and abroad. The servers are in particularly high demand here, because they can be used in all areas, despite their small size. In addition, the company relies on sustainability in production, and constantly expands its product range. Prime Computer AG is on the rise and once you have secured a quality product from the Swiss company, you would not want to do without it in the future. Furthermore, you will be having a problem of choice, when choosing the server. The PrimeServer boasts up to 10TB of storage space and can even be equipped with a 12-core processor on request. The up to 128 GB DDR4 RAM meets even the highest demands, making the server an ideal choice for demanding business customers. It is even used in well-equipped private households and is very reliable. In short, the server from Prime Computer AG completely redefines the term quality and thus sets the company with its products to completely new standards.


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You should not miss out on these advantages

Of course, it’s not just the performance of the servers that creates an exceptional position in the market. There are many other positive features that speak in favor of using the compact servers from Prime Computer AG. The servers are manufactured in Switzerland and the individual components are built-in at the company’s in-house workshop. Thus, in case of any problems a quick help is guaranteed. You should not miss out on this service especially when using servers. In addition, the built-in components are always from renowned manufacturers. For example, Prime Computer AG works with Samsung, Intel or Kingston. Also, the background noise should not be forgotten. Even servers with fans are extremely noisy and can interfere with work. No fans are used in the products from Prime Computer AG. Thus, the servers perform their work silently and are also maintenance-free. As such, there are no follow-up costs after the purchase and over the years, this saving is enormous. In addition, you save a lot of time and do not have to incur any losses. Another advantage of these products is the low power consumption; depending on the server configuration, our server consumes up to four times less than conventional products. The servers are energy-efficient and impress with their long service life. Over the course of time, you will save many thousands of francs per device within a period of just five years. Due to the installation of high-quality brand components, the mechanic-free and the fanless design, you do not have to incur any losses. Prime Computer AG is already convinced of the quality of its servers and therefore the company comfortably gives a 5-year guarantee on each product. Prior to commissioning, each device undergoes extensive testing, ensuring that all requirements are met without any problem.

Ultra-light and environmentally friendly

The servers from Prime Computer AG are extremely compact and yet very light. The housing is made of aluminum and the compact design will entice you. In addition, the servers provide full power even at an ambient temperature of 40 °C. On the other hand, conventional servers already reduce their performances as from 28 °C. As such, you can equally save on the external cooling system, since you won’t be recording any power consumption from such devices. Besides, the servers word very hygienically. The housing is almost completely closed and the fanless design guarantees that dust doesn’t get whirl up. Bacteria, microbes and dust are therefore not passed on to the environment and thus the air remains clean. Dirt cannot penetrate through the sophisticated design in the server’s interior. Thus, no damage due to contamination can occur; this aspect should not be underestimated. The environment is also protected by the use of servers from the Swiss company. Most components are recyclable and their low power consumption should not be overlooked. Due to their durable design, the servers rarely have to be replaced, and in comparison to conventional devices, the servers from Prime Computer AG only leave a very small ecological footprint. The performance is not affected by the innovative construction. Throughout its lifetime, performance remains at a consistently high level. This high quality product is equally ideal for home users. Due to the server’s compact size, you have more space in your premises; and the server’s stylish design will entice you.

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The mini servers are synonymous with quality and performance

If you are looking for a server that is small and reliable, then the products from Prime Computer AG will definitely convince you. The servers are used by small and medium-sized enterprises in all industries. The product has a very little environmental impact while still impressing, thanks to its future-oriented technology. We shouldn’t go without mentioning the fact that the server releases very low levels of electromagnetic radiation, and that most of its components are recyclable. After use, you can easily resend the servers to Prime Computer AG. These are then properly recycled. Do not compromise on the selection of your servers, but trust in the solutions of the Swiss quality company. The business area which you operate doesn’t matter. Due to the high-quality workmanship and the favorable warranty conditions, you can rely on the services of your new server for a longer period of time. Just try it out and replace your old devices with the innovative solutions from Prime Computer AG.


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