A mini-computer for high demands

In the highly competitive market, the mini computers from Prime Computer AG set completely new standards. Thus they come without a fan and are also maintenance-free. You can sustainably reduce your costs and look forward to a reliable everyday companion. Incidentally, the speed is not affected due to these advantages, and the company is convinced of its solutions. Thus, each product is granted a comfortable 5-year warranty.

Reasons Why You Need a Small PC

It’s all about quality here

Small computers are trendy, and if they are also made in Switzerland, then we can wish for nothing more. In 2013, Prime Computer AG was founded and has since been able to attract many customers. The reasons are obvious, because the computers manufactured in the in-house production satisfy all desires and work extremely reliably. The solutions found by Prime Computer AG fill everyone with enthusiasm, both business customers and private individuals; as they happen not to want to do without these computers anymore. All work steps are closely monitored and the company [Prime Computer AG] relies exclusively on reputable manufacturers. You can therefore look forward to a PC that is not only small and looks smart, but a PC that works reliably and effectively. The small size gives you more space in your office, and the lack of a fan makes the computer to work silently. In addition, no dust is whirled up and the room climate is significantly improved.

Which models are there?

There are numerous computer models at Prime Computer AG. The assortment is constantly being expanded, so it is definitely worth taking a look at the company’s homepage or registering for the newsletter, so as to be informed about current topics. The PrimeMini 3 could be a perfect solution for your needs. The PrimeMini 3 is available with or without a Windows operating system and works without unnecessary software. It also works extremely fast and efficiently. Since it has no fans, the computer operates silently; this quality is highly appreciated in companies. Despite its small size, it is very powerful and all models are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. As a small power package, the PrimeMini 3 is ideal for use in your own home. The spacious main memory and the high computing power form the perfect basis for private office work. Even outside the office, the PrimeMini 3 cuts a fine figure and it can easily be transported, thanks to its small size. No compromises were made, even with the case. The case is made of milled aluminum and thus the computer is protected against electromagnetic influences. This also increases the service life of the computer.
For demanding users and IT administrators, Prime Computer AG has also developed the right model. The PrimeMini Pro handles all demanding tasks without any problems, and ensures productive work in all areas. Remote repair of computers is greatly simplified by the proven Intel vPro technology; with the optional serial port also enabling older devices to be connected to the PrimeMini Pro. In short, the PrimeMini Pro leaves no questions unanswered and is the first choice for PC experts. In addition, everyone can assemble their own computer, whether through the configurator or one of the suggested configurations.

Primemini im Buero

The small computers convince in all areas

With Prime Computer AG, you have a strong partner at your side and its individual computer models will convince you in all areas. Thus, you can look forward to a whole host of benefits and use the company’s systems elevate your requirement to a new level. All computers work without fans. Thus, the PCs are silent and you will immediately notice this difference, especially in offices. Hygiene is also improved because no more dust is whirled up. The fanless design is innovative and your computer is protected from dirt and wear. In addition, no maintenance is required and you save yourself a lot of money and, above all, time. With Prime Computer AG solutions, you can sustainably reduce your costs and increase the lifespan of your computers with very simple means. Each device can save several thousand francs over 5 years.

Reliability is guaranteed

As a matter of fact, computers are supposed to work reliably, and the models from Prime Computer AG do not compromise on this aspect. Incidentally, the computer’s appearance is also right here, so it’s no surprise that these reliable devices reach their customers intact. Put your trust in safety and quality and be inspired by the innovative design. The mechanic-free design guarantees a seamless operation and you’ll no longer have to worry about possible system failures, thanks to the use of high-quality branded products. Thus, a smooth business process can be guaranteed, and you will no longer want to miss this high quality, even in the private sector. Nowadays, not only durability is very important, we should not be compelled to do without good speed. Thus, the systems from Prime Computer AG work very fast and despite intensive use, they are characterized by a long shelf life. The charging times are very low and the switch-on times could also be reduced. The passive cooling is wear-free, thus enabling a probable increase in the efficiency in working days. The company is convinced of its solutions and Prime Computer AG grants a 5-year warranty on all computers. So you are always on the safe side and can make the purchase with peace of mind. But how is such a quality actually guaranteed? The secret lies in the sophisticated design of the computer. Thus, the individual elements are perfectly matched and have no weaknesses even after years of use. The precision of Swiss production also contributes to the success [of the computers]. As such, extensive testing is performed on all products, and the computers are only delivered to customers after they’ve successfully passed these exams. The solutions of Prime Computer AG are on the rise and an end to this development is far from being in sight.


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