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Fiduciary company Eco Treuhand has successfully provided professional and independent advice and services in the field of insurance, pensions and finance since 2006. Eco Treuhand uses products from Prime Computer at its offices in Wil and Berneck.
Alexander Lepuschitz of Eco Treuhand sees the products from Prime Computer as an advantage for his company. “The computers are powerful, silent and use hardly any energy. That is befitting for a company with the name Eco Treuhand”.

Eco Treuhand

Eco Treuhand offers optimum planning

More than 100 enterprises and their employees from the fields of construction, production, commerce, services, sport and public services count among the customers of Eco Treuhand. They place their trust in the services provided by Eco Treuhand. The number of satisfied customers, many of whom have formed a long-term relationship with Eco Treuhand, is growing continuously.
The professionals at Eco Treuhand locate the market’s most suitable individual and comprehensive solutions for their customers. The company’s know-how and close collaboration with all of the most reputable insurance companies and financial institutions guarantee that each customer’s insurance and pension provision needs are ideally planned and coordinated. Reliable, high-performance computers such as the Prime Computer solutions used by Eco Treuhand are important when handling sensitive data.

Eco Treuhand

Measurable success and innovation

Eco Treuhand develops concepts to optimise their customers’ income, assets, insurances and taxes. Anyone wishing to create, increase or restructure their assets can have their enterprise checked by Eco Treuhand with regard to risks, threats and costs. Eco Treuhand’s experts are highly knowledgeable when it comes to money, insurance and taxes and take care of their customers’ financial circumstances by setting the points for the future development of assets and taxes.

Services with measurable success

The company is also active in other areas. In 2014, Peter Enzler, CEO of Eco Treuhand Genossenschaft and Erbplaner GmbH, had the idea of developing Switzerland’s first succession planner that is user friendly and can be used by anyone on the basis of their personal preferences without any external assistance. The success of the project required the skills and knowledge of experts from different fields. The online tool was developed in cooperation with a lawyer and software programmers.

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