The small computer has it all

Day after day, the products from Prime Computer AG’s prove to the world that computers are no longer just a matter of size. Even the smallest computers can produce a huge performance, when the appropriate components have been processed. The mini-computers from the Swiss company are thus highly solicited, and they delight with a whole series of unmistakable features.

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Innovative techniques provide impressive results

A PC should always work reliably and at best, it should perform its services silently. Unfortunately, in many cases there is a big gap between aspiration and reality. Many computers are well equipped, but are equally very noisy in return. In addition, they have to be serviced at regular intervals and these services cost a lot of money. A Swiss company is now taking a completely different approach with its computers. In 2013, the Prime Computer AG was launched and despite the company’s relatively young history, the products have long established themselves in the market. For example, computers from Prime Computer AG use a sophisticated technology from an innovative design, and this blend is very well received by customers from all over the world.

All components are purchased from reputable manufacturers; the housing, for example, comes from England. In Switzerland, however, the devices are assembled and extensively tested. The result is computers of exceptionally good quality and yet the relationship between price and performance is very convincing. But what actually characterizes the solutions of Prime Computer AG and what are the differences between the small PCs and the competition?

The benefits of mini-computers at a glance

If you opt for the computers from the Swiss company, Prime Computer, you will enjoy many benefits. With these computers, it will be needless searching for a fan. The PCs are built without fans and this technology has proven itself. As such, the computers work silently and do not need to be serviced. The construction is very innovative and saves you time and money. Of course you do not have to do without the necessary security and you do not compromise on reliability. Set completely new accents with your computers. In addition to perfect functionality, the computers also have a superb design. The space-saving design has only advantages for you and the robust aluminum housing leaves no questions unanswered.

The built-in technologies also have a positive effect, when it comes to the power consumption. In this way, the power consumption can be drastically reduced and thanks to the long service life of the computers, you’ll not have to worry about any new purchases. Over the course of 5 years, you can save thousands of francs per appliance, and the computers can no longer pollute the environment, thanks to their special design. Dust does not enter the case due to the lack of a fan, as such; the smooth functioning of the computer is not disturbed. Just try it out and take a completely different approach when choosing your computer. The solutions from Prime Computer AG are not only a source of enthusiasm for companies, but also for more and more private households; the computers with special equipment are the first choice.

The reliability will entice you

Computers should always work reliably because it is difficult to cope with failures, especially in business operations. In the worst case, your sales will suffer and you should never take that risk. Therefore, opt for the mini computers from Prime Computer AG. High-quality branded components protect the computers from failures, thus saving you money.

Whether the small design and the innovative technologies also influence the performance? This question can be answered with a clear “no”. The charging times for applications and files are incredibly short and you will be surprised by the extremely short switch-on time. The performance remains at a consistently high level even after many years. But why is this so? The cooling of the computer is passive and wear-free. Thus, the efficiency is increased with very simple means and thus making the systems of Prime Computer AG an indispensable companion in your everyday life.

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Guarantee period of 60 months, instead of 24 months

Should you experience a problem with your computer, you will get assistance very quickly. The products are so convincing that the company has no problem in granting a 5-year warranty on their computers and servers. The perfectly structured Swiss production stands for reliability and so no computer leaves the company, which has not gone through countless tests in advance. In the end, customers can look forward to a technological masterpiece.

A small PC that can do a great things

If you are interested in the PCs from Prime Computer AG, then you can choose between three models. The PrimeMini 3 is particularly well suited for private use and convinces with its optimal functionality and high performance. The Core i5 processor represents the highest reliability and you can choose many more components individually. The PrimeMini 3 was rated “Excellent” in September by PCTipp, the best-selling and most-read Swiss PC magazine. Prime Computer AG has the right computers, even for IT administrators. The PrimeMini Pro serves the real professionals.

Its lightning-fast processor leaves nothing to be desired and with up to 5TB of storage, even large files can be easily stored. The Intel HD Graphics 5500 also ensures a brilliant presentation. All devices have established themselves on the market and are among the best computers in their class. Just give it a try and order a computer that stands out from the crowd, in terms of design and functionality.

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