A desktop PC for private and commercial use

A computer should perform a wide range of tasks and should incite interest with an innovative design and good performances. The PCs from Prime Computer AG meet these requirements without any problems.

The systems are manufactured in Switzerland and have since also found their trailers on an international level. The reasons for this are obvious. This is how the computer inspires with a smart design and many technical achievements. If you actually desire quality, you should definitely consider buying a product from Prime Computer AG.


Perfectly equipped in both the office and at home

Why should an office computer not be suitable for private use? The PCs from Prime Computer AG serve both customers. The performance of desktop PCs leaves no unanswered questions, and you do not have to compromise on reliability.

The computers are highly demanded, especially in the commercial sector. For several hours, they are required to reliably perform their services, without any room for failure. In recent years however, their demands have steadily grown in the private sector. The PCs are demanded again and again, and a smooth function is also of top priority here. But how can the products from Prime Computer AG achieve this goal? The solution is very simple, because the sophisticated design alone makes the difference. Over the years, most computers tend to accumulate a lot of dust; the individual components in the casing tend to be affected and it is only a matter of time before the computer finally breaks down.

The Swiss company takes a completely different approach here. Although Prime Computer AG was only founded in 2013, the company’s computers are already an integral part of the industry. Here, the computers are built in a robust aluminum casing, and this design has many advantages over the conventional computers. This casing (housing) is almost completely closed, since the PCs function without fans. As such, no dust can penetrate into the casing, and this cleanliness allows the individual components to perform their service without any restrictions. Thanks to this innovative solution, the computers can even be used in medical practices, carpentry or hairdressing salons. The air is also improved in the office itself. A fan does not only soak up the dust, it also whirls it up. The air quality becomes much worse and this restriction is not often noticed. With the computers from Prime Computer AG, this ailment is finally over. You will be so amazed by this technology that you will never again want to use any other alternatives. If you actually believe that high-quality computers always require a lot of space, then you are mistaken.

Here, the finest technology has been processed in the smallest of spaces, and you will be surprised by the size of the computer. For example, the PrimeMini 3 only has a height of 4.7cm. So it can be placed anywhere and even an installation in cabinets doesn’t obstruct. Due to the lack of fans, the devices work silently and it is shows that a lack of fan has no influence on the performance of the device.

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In the commercial sector, failures are not tolerated

When a private (home) computer stops working, it will simply be replaced after a few days. In the commercial sector, however, such failures tend to be very difficult to cope with. Almost all work processes are handled by the computer and even short system errors can result in huge losses. The computers from Prime Computer AG set completely new standards here. They work at all times and under all conditions. There are no restrictions and with these PCs, you can almost exclude the catastrophe of a total failure. You can continue your business without restrictions, while bearing in mind that you can completely rely on your PC.

Under no circumstances should you renounce this sense of assurance. It is not only in large corporations that reliable computers are required; especially in medium-sized companies, the systems must not come to a standstill. Since this will cause the entrepreneurs to lose considerable amounts of money, because many orders may not be accepted. More so, your customers might be annoyed by this, thus making the negative impacts of these failures to be felt even in the long term. For that reason alone, it is important to compare the offers and to be careful when looking for a suitable PC. Also the opinions of other customers can be important here. Prime Computer AG is playing a pioneering role in this area. The computers are very well received by the customers and they have no weak points. The processors work flawlessly and in addition to their lightning fast charging times, the switch-on time leaves nothing to be desired. Each computer can be freely configured to receive a personal touch. Therefore, the PC contains the exact components that are required for the corresponding use.

It is no surprise that the company from Switzerland is still on the rise with its products. The individual computers can be used in the office or in the private sector and guarantees its owners satisfaction, without exceptions.

Bring a new momentum into your home

Home computers in particular, should be smart and have a small size. The PrimeMini computers meet these requirements without any problems. The PCs are the perfect companion, even in everyday work. So they have an incredible efficiency and stand for sustainability. All common tasks can be quickly done with the computers and also the prices are very fair, in relation to the services. The built-in parts come to a large extent from the in-house production and once suppliers are involved, the company builds on the best-known brands in the industry.

The numerous advantages ensure that the computers have long been the first choice for many customers and an end to this development is far from being in sight. More and more entrepreneurs and private individuals rely on the computers from Prime Computer AG. The meticulous manufacturing process underlines their quality. In the end, this creates devices that leave nothing to be desired and showcase to their strengths in all situations.

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