Your high-end PC from Prime Computer AG

A computer is an indispensable part of our working life, and although there are many manufacturers in the industry, there will always be differences between the individual models. The high-end devices of Prime Computer AG are particularly coveted at the moment. Not only do they reliably perform their services, the products also tend to drastically reduce the running costs. Their low power consumption particularly distinguishes the devices, and through their long service life, you can save the money for early new purchases.

All of the company’s computers are also maintenance-free and this aspect should not be underestimated. With classic computers, you will have to incur high expenses due to continuous maintenance. This factor is completely eliminated in the solutions from Prime Computer AG and this is also positively reflected in your balance sheet. The fact that the company trusts its products is also impressively proven. For example, all new computers are granted a comfortable five-year warranty, and each device can enable you save several thousand of francs, over the course of time.

The high-end devices reliably perform their service

A good computer should not only have an appealing design, although both PrimeMini 3 and PrimeServer won an award for their unique design at this year’s Red Dot competition, causing a sensation, which they must of course have to live up to their expectations. So it has to work very reliably and get along without failures.

Prime Computer AG attaches great importance to these requirements, thus enabling their models to guarantee maximum reliability. All computers work without fans and mechanics. The appealing design completes this harmonious complete package and makes the computers from Prime Computer the first choice for demanding entrepreneurs or private individuals. The fanless design protects the device from dirt as well as wear. Thus, no maintenance is required and you tend to save money and time. Incidentally, their speed does not suffer from this innovative design. You’ll be surprised how fast your computer is, and its short switch-on times will leave no questions unanswered. The Swiss company’s models also play a pioneering role in their charging times, and the passive cooling is even wear-free. Thus, the efficiency of the computer is raised to a new level and your daily work can be greatly facilitated.

As for its hygienic aspect, Prime Computer AG’s high-end PCs are also amongst the top performers in their class. The casing is almost completely closed, and through the passive cooling technology, the air is not whirled up. Thus, dust cannot spread in the room and the health is not affected. Bacteria, microbes and pollen, for example, can have a negative effect on respiration. However, with the models from the company, the air remains clean and in the long run, this advantage should not be underestimated. The proven construction also protects the device itself. If dust cannot penetrate into the interior, the technology will not be affected. The computers and servers do not suck in the air due to the lack of a fan and therefore always remain clean.

The casing sets the accents

In terms of performance, computer from Prime Computer AG are real heavyweights. Their actual weight will tend to surprise you. The casing is made of high-quality aluminum and the PC is incredibly light. There is no air circulation in the casing and on the spaces for this has been completely omitted.

Absolute enthusiasm will be ensured by the silent operation of the computers. The devices do not vibrate and generate no background noise. This advantage also contributes to both your health, as well as the health of your employees. As far as environmental protection is concerned, show your responsible side, by opting for this company’s computers. The components of the PC are reusable and the durable design eliminates the need for regular replacements. The low power consumption provides another advantage and compared to conventional devices, the ecological footprint left by the computers of Prime Computer AG is extremely low.

Constant performance values

Computers often lose a lot of performances during the course of their service life. However, the PCs from Prime Computer AG are not affected by this. The performance remains at a consistently high level and your IT managers can save a lot of time and effort. Those who want to use their computer and work efficiently will also be thrilled. The models are also space-saving, because all computers have a compact size. Thus, you have much more space in your premises and your warehouse can also be optimally exploited; added to that are the stylish design and the pleasant feel. Of course, all the PCs are made in Switzerland.

This quality is unmistakable and makes the computer the perfect solution for all demanding users. Pollutant emissions are also reduced to a minimum. The devices emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation, and this low values also raise environmental protection to a new level.

Perfect service

Even after the purchase, the team takes care of its customers. If you have questions about your devices, simply get in touch [with the team]. The fast service can competently and immediately help you seek the best solution for their purposes. Even with potential problems, you do not have to wait long for help. As a result, you do not have to incur any downtime and your operations will not be disturbed.

Most of the housing is made of secondary raw materials and these can easily be recycled. It is shown here that environmental protection in many ways can also work in the computer industry. The situation is similar with the packaging materials. Old products can be recycled to 100 percent and can be taken back by Prime Computer AG and recycled free of charge. Due to the robust housing even slight bumps, shocks and vibrations cannot harm the computer.

The high-end devices also fully perform their duties in cold and warm environments. If you attach great importance to reliability and speed of operation, you will certainly be impressed by the products from the Swiss company.

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