Red Dot Award for Prime Computer’s PC design

The dream of many companies has come true for Prime Computer: the attribution of the Red Dot Award for outstanding design quality. Both the PrimeMini 3 and the PrimeServer received the coveted prize.

The winner’s comprehensive tests

The entire process underlying the final evaluation took several days. The jury took enough time to scrutinize the PrimeMini 3 and the PrimeServer. During this time, of course, the other products that competed in the competition were equally tested. But the aforementioned computers and servers were able to convince the jury, and thus returned home with the Red Dot award.
The seal is considered as proof of an excellent product quality and is awarded only if the overall product can convince by its high design quality. This is always the case with our computers and servers, represented here by the PrimeMini 3 and the PrimeServer. At the same time, our products have long been convincing our customers and have proven their worth many times over in everyday life. What gives us an even better sensation is the fact that we have now publicly confirmed this aspect by receiving the Red Dot Award.

Red Dot 1

PrimeMini 3 PC design: What is behind it?

The PrimeMini 3 is a desktop PC that turns out to be a real powerhouse in everyday life. It offers both high computing power and comprehensive memory. Nothing stands in the way of its quick startup!
The PrimeMini 3 is designed to have a low power consumption, and thus serves sustainably in any household or company – the ecological footprint is significantly smaller than those of its “peers”, thus making it even more sustainable.
However, the PrimeMini 3 still convinces on other levels. It has an interesting and pleasant feel, thanks to the aluminum surface. In addition, this material protects the device from the influence of electromagnetic radiation, which can destroy many PCs at very early stages. The computer is so small – averaging a volume of just one liter.

Background to PrimeServer

The second prize winner is the PrimeServer, which was created for the toughest conditions and proves to be extremely powerful and reliable in practice. It has an Intel Xeon processor with 4, 8 or 12 cores and offers five LAN ports, 128 GB of RAM and space for the use of three hard drives. The PrimeServer entices by its low weight of just five kilograms and its compact mass. With this device, too, we’ve made use of aluminum for its casing, along with a unique design that promises a wear-free, passive cooling – and has earned us the Red Dot Award.
The server grows in its requirements or with its user, since its storage space is still expandable, the performance is consistently high. It will easily amaze anyone – and it also works completely silently. This is possible due to the absence of components that interact mechanically with each other, as well as to a design that works completely without a fan. The PrimeServer can even be used in small offices and does confer any sort of noise discomforts, since it works silently.

Red Dot Server

Achievement in the form of the Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award is the most important platform for those who want to distinguish their products in terms of design. The price that is on everyone’s lips today has been known since 1955, and determines the best products in various industries each year. The 2018 edition was characterized by a particularly large number of participants: over 6,300 products, coming from designers and manufacturers from a total of 59 countries competed here. The jury, in turn, consisted of a team of 40 experts who assessed according to strict criteria, including the following points:

  • Degree of innovation
  • Functionality
  • Ergonomics
  • Longevity
  • Formal quality

For the evaluation, there was a questionnaire that had to be completed for each product. The red dot: Best of the Best (best products within a category) and the Red Dot (high design quality) was awarded. In addition, the jury can award the “Honorable Mention”, which can be given in particular cases, like in a particularly successful design work.
Prime Computer’s PrimeMini 3 and PrimeServer were convincing across the board and proved not only the highest degree of innovation and great design, but also outstanding functionality. The products of our company from St. Gallen place the needs of the users in the foreground, which was once again particularly clear after the products clinched the Red Dot Award.

Award ceremony at the Essen Opera House

The winners of the competition will be honored on July 9th, 2018, when the big Red Dot Gala shall start in the Essen Opera House. The Aalto Theater will be the venue for a trophy award, which is aimed at the best and most innovative product in the industry. After the actual award ceremony, the “Designer’s Night” shall take place in the Red Dot Design Museum, Essen, where the winners shall receive their certificates and the opportunity to be present at the opening of the exhibition. Of course, the after-show party shall take place here, which is a special highlight for the participants each year.
The exposition will be held as a special exhibition and will be entitled; “Design on Stage – Winners Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018”. This rather bulky name shows who or what is to be seen here: The products of the award winners! The exhibition is regarded as the world’s largest show for contemporary design products, making it a must-attend event for all designers in the industry.
We will also be honored once again: our company will equally feature in the Red Dot Design Yearbook for the years 2018/2019, where our PrimeMini 3 and the PrimeServer will be presented in more detail. In addition, our products as well as those of the other winners will be found on Red Dot 21, in the online exhibition, as well as the Red Dot App. We appreciate the award and we thank the jury members!


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