Computers for the highest demands

Actually, are there still computers that are not manufactured in the Asiatic region, but boast of the highest quality? This question can be answered with a clear “yes”. The PCs of Prime Computer AG from Switzerland represent far more than just an alternative to the well-known brands in the computer market. The models convince with their innovative technologies and brilliant services. Customers from all over the world are increasingly choosing the products of Prime Computer AG and this development doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The best technologies in use

Of course, a good product must be different from an outstanding product. At Prime Computer AG nothing is left to chance, and if you are looking for a PC that combines innovative technology and high functionality, then you will be amazed by the company’s solutions. As such, the products from Prime Computer AG impress by their outstanding performances. The mini computers are particularly very well received, and set new standards in the field of designing. This is how all computers in Switzerland are developed and manufactured. The products work incredibly fast and their efficiency is not only appreciated by private consumers. More and more companies do not want to miss out on the solutions of Prime Computer AG, for obvious reasons. A commercial computer is heavily used and has to cope even with the highest loads. The models from Switzerland do not compromise on this aspect, and are only delivered with the most necessary software. As such, they are lightning-fast right from the start, and the high-quality housing ensures a smooth functioning of the technical components. The fanless design is certainly particularly innovative. Thus, no dust is whirled up within the premises and the PC works without any noise. If multiple computers are used in a room, then this noiseless feature will be particularly appreciated. Due to their small size, the computers can be used as a portable PC and fit, for example, in the presentation of the finishing touches. A PC from Switzerland is currently causing lots of sensations in the market, and you should also take a closer look at the models.


Choose reliability

PC failures can have serious consequences, especially in the commercial sector. PC failures in the commercial sector could mean that, possible orders would not be processed and this will in turn affect the sales. In addition, your customers could be annoyed by this, thus possibly resulting in a more problems in the long run. With the systems from the Prime Computer AG, you’ll skillfully avoid these limitations. Even the smallest PCs from the company convince by an enormous efficiency and reliably perform their service. This goal is only achieved through the use of high-quality components, and Prime Computer AG believes in its products. It’s not for nothing that they offer a full 60-month guarantee, instead of the usual 24 months warranty. Even with these features, you can always choose your favorite model. If you buy a PC from Switzerland, they will be delivered with or without Windows operating system. Although Prime Computer AG was founded in 2013, it is revolutionizing the computer market. The aluminum housing is of incredibly high quality, and its power consumption is equally in the lower range. In the long run, you will tend to save a lot of money with the models, with several thousand of francs saved within the space of 5 years. The lack of fans proves to be a real stroke of genius. A fan does not only stir up dust in the premises, it also ensures that dust is whirled on to the technical components. Over the years, this dust will be damaging the equipment so much that its performance will be on a constant decrease. Take a completely different path and rely on a fanless PC from Switzerland. You will be amazed and will be able work even more effectively in the future.

The mix makes the difference

It is precisely the combination of many components that ensures the balance here. While the casing comes from England, the computers are completely assembled in Switzerland. Prime Computer AG works exclusively with renowned manufacturers in the industry and this quality is what counts. You can look forward to many distinctive features and the follow-up costs will be drastically reduced. The computers from Switzerland are maintenance-free. You can save on these services, and if problems arise, the trained personnel from Prime Computer AG can quickly provide you with a technician. The efficiency of the devices is particularly impressive. Benefit from the short charging times and be amazed by how quickly your computer will be ready to work in the future.

Primemini im Buero

Those who do great things do not necessarily have to be big

Despite their enormous performance capacity, the computers from Prime Computer AG are even more fascinating by their small size. They can therefore be used even in small office spaces and can be stowed away perfectly even when traveling. The mobile companions are perfectly equipped and convince even from a visual point of view. The innovative design will be remembered and even after many years of use you will not notice any limitations in terms of performance. Passive cooling means that the computers are virtually free from wear and tear and are rated consistently highly, even in independent magazines. If you choose the company’s computers, you will be taking a decisive step towards the future. The company continually delights with new products and thus fulfills even the highest demands. Just give it a try and let it convince you with its numerous advantages. Especially when it comes to computers, you should leave nothing to chance and react to the changing requirements of the industry.


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