PrimeServer nominated for the Green Product Award 2018

The PrimeServer made it into this year’s Green Product Selection and is nominated for the Green Product Award 2018. Since 2013, the Green Product Award has awarded innovative, sustainable design products for sustainable consumption.

A total of 400 manufacturers and designers from 25 countries applied. Currently, the international jury determines the winners from the Selection. Each submission receives feedback from 3 members of the jury who evaluate the products according to their expertise in design, innovation & sustainability.

We are eager to hear from the expert jury, and the announcement of the winners in early July.
From July 10, the public voting will start, where the interested public will be able to choose their winner from almost 100 products of the Green Product Selection for 6 weeks on the following website

So, stay tuned!

Green Product Selection

About PrimeServer

The PrimeServer is a powerful and reliable server. A low weight of just 5 kg and dimensions of 8,5x28x22,3 cm make the PrimeServer very compact. Thanks to low power consumption, recyclable components and a durable construction, the PrimeServer has a much smaller ecological footprint than conventional devices. All Prime Computer products are manufactured in Switzerland at the company‘s head office in St. Gallen.

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About Green Product Award

The Green Product Award is an annual international competition for innovative, sustainable products & services in the categories architecture, work, energy, electronics, fashion, research, freestyle, children, communication, consumer goods, mobility, furniture and home accessories. The award is aimed at established companies and start-ups. The goal of the award is to create a collection of green solutions for consumers and buyers to replace existing products with better (green) products. Since 2013, the competition has received submissions from over 40 countries. Since then, the exhibits have been presented to more than 600,000 visitors at international trade fairs and design festivals.


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