Find the Best Mini PC For Your Particular Computing Requirements

If you want the best miniature PC that is currently available for your preferred application, then read on to discover the best ones on the market in 2018.

Smaller computers offer a space-saving solution in many situations where a tower PC or desktop would be too large. The best mini PC products of 2018 include some extremely versatile computers with surprisingly advanced processing power given their size. Indeed, the best mini PCs of 2018 are as fully equipped as some of the leading manufacturers’ standard sized products. Going mini does not mean compromising on computing power or connectivity these days! Read on to discover some of the best miniature PCs you could buy this year and which ones are the best in their particular niches.

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The Leading Mini PC for Video Streaming

If you want something to watch videos from in stunning 4K definition, then there are certainly plenty of options available. In terms of mini PCs, however, few can match the ASUS VivoMini which is equipped with a 1 TB hard disk drive providing plenty of storage for movies and TV shows. Whether you choose to download videos to it or stream, the PC’s Intel Core i5-7200U processor and 8GB of DDR-4 RAM is enough to ensure a smooth picture is always on screen. For a small PC, it has a handy dual bay design which can accommodate two 2.5” SSDs. However, it is the GTX930M graphics card made by NVIDIA which makes this product stand out for lovers of high-quality video playback.

The Best Silent Running Mini PC

One of the problems of engineering any sort of PC is how to keep it cool and therefore running efficiently. This is even more of an issue for a mini PC where the components are crammed together in an even smaller housing. The usual technique for cooling a PC with a fan has the obvious drawback that it creates noise, however. Nevertheless, Prime Computer’s PrimeMini 4 overcomes the problem of fan noise by staying cool without one. This miniature device is supplied with an Intel Core i7-8650U vPro, i5-7300U vPro or i3-7100U, depending on your preference for extremely efficient processing. It has the capacity to hold up to 6TB of data, making it ideal for work and home use. The silent PC will even take up to 32GB of RAM, if wanted. Housed in durable aluminium, it is completely portable and will run without any problems in places where you want total silence. Devices provided from Prime Computer are entirely maintenance-free thanks to their reliance on innovative design as well as in their high quality content. Such high performance is accomplished by passive cooling technology. Our products, except for quality are also distinguished for reliability and safety and they require no maintenance which is of great importance to your time and money.

The Top Mini PC for Looking Good

Okay, so not everyone is interested in what as mini PC can do so much as how it looks. In a home office, many people want a small PC which looks stylish as well as not taking up too much room. If that’s one of your purchasing concerns, then take a look at HP’s Elite Slice. This miniature PC is very good looking and has been designed to coordinate well with HP’s high-quality Spectre laptops. The PC would look good in the lounge, bedroom or office. In terms of computing power, it won’t let you down either. Two versions are offered – one with a Core i5 processor, the other with an i7. Up to 16GB of RAM is offered. In terms of connectivity, it offers USB 3.0 and USB-C ports as well as HDMI and DisplayPort connections. The Elite Slice will even connect to a Bang and Olufsen speaker for top-notch audio via its base.

The Best Mini PC for Gaming

Intel’s Hades Canyon Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is designed for gamers with limited room but who want a superfast response whether they are playing a game online with friends or in a stand-alone set-up. The computer comes supplied with a quad-core 8th Generation Core i7 processor which is more than enough for most games to run very smoothly on. However, this PC is not supplied with any disk drives or RAM. You are expected to purchase and fit these elements separately to suit your particular gaming requirements. Although this will suit serious PC gaming enthusiasts, it means that the Hades Canyon NUC is not for everyone. It comes with two Gigabit LAN ports and a range of USB connections to play with.

The Best Stick PC

A stick PC is designed to plug into another device, like a TV screen, via a USB port. These ultra-small computers should be light enough to carry in your pocket. Among the best in this category is the Azulle Access Plus which weighs under 150 grams. Nonetheless, this PC offers an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor which is enough for most applications to run without problems. It comes with up to 64GB of storage space and an ethernet port. Further connectivity is provided by a pair of USB ports and a micro HDMI port. There are two versions, one with 2GB of RAM and one with 4GB. It is able to run Windows 10 Pro despite being so small. This PC is a good option if you work away from home a lot and want to be able to travel light.


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