“What’s cool is that Prime Computer is not an anonymous big corporation, but a local company in St. Gallen.”

Christian Schutter, Management Veloblitz

Genossenschaft Veloblitz

PrimeServer powered by electricity from the public swimming pool

We own three Prime Computer devices, all of a different generation. We put the latest device, the PrimeServer, into productive operation at the beginning of 2018. We used the two PrimeMinis we bought before as server and backup server. That’s why we called them prime servers even before we had a real PrimeServer.

The devices are great for us for various reasons. Because they require little power, they continue to run for a long time in the event of a power failure using a simple USV battery. Our rack is located in an office that is used for work and we appreciate the silence very much. No fan also means that no dust is sucked in. Because the fan is not available in the first place, it cannot break. PrimeServer is the ideal solution for small companies who want an in-house server.

What’s cool is that Prime Computer is not an anonymous big corporation, but a local company in St. Gallen. If I have any questions, I can call directly and they will help me. The Veloblitz attaches great importance to using local companies and having a reference to them. The server is operated with electricity from the public swimming pool, which is only a few hundred meters away from our headquarters.

Not a purchase argument with us, but the design is very nice, actually almost too good for the rack.

Genossenschaft Veloblitz

About Veloblitz

The Veloblitz cooperative is unbeatable in terms of speed and punctuality when it comes to delivering consignments in the city of Zurich and the conurbation. Thanks to sophisticated logistics and a good connection to our customers, the approximately 90 employees provide services at the highest level every day. Every shipment, whether letter, bouquet, medical sample or 60kg package is important to us and Veloblitz always finds a suitable solution. The number 1 bicycle courier company in Zurich is also the largest bicycle courier company in Switzerland. In cooperation with the courier network swissconnect ag and SBB, consignments are dispatched throughout Switzerland. Bicycles, cargo bikes and biogas-powered cars as well as rail form the basis of our sustainable transport solutions. This much efficiency also requires reliable partners for the technology.

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