Since the early days of horology, Swiss engineers and toolmakers have had a well-deserved reputation for precision and for miniaturisation. This is something that is still very much in evidence around the country in a number of sectors including technology. At Prime Computer, the art of creating the highest quality miniature PCs has been taken to the next level.

As well as a keen eye for detail in all the components and connectors you’d expect to find in a high-performance PC, Prime Computer’s product range comes with something a little less tangible – the Swiss tradition for making small tools that are nevertheless incredibly well engineered. Read on to discover more about the range of high-performance PCs and how they might work in your business setting.


A High Quality PC Designed for Life On the Go

Although smart devices and notebook PCs offer a great deal of functionality these days, some situations call on a desktop PC which can be plugged into the usual peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. In many business situations, being able to take your own pocket-sized PC with you to a new setting and plug it in is much more desirable than making temporary use of a local desktop computer or an underpowered laptop.

The solution is a Prime Computer mini PC which provides you with all the functions you’d expect of a fast processing desktop but at a fraction of the size or weight. These top-notch PCs are also ideal in situations where a normal size of computer would not do. Perhaps you want to install it somewhere discretely as a data logger or to sit behind a display board to present a marketing campaign temporarily during a trade show? If so, then a miniaturised PC is the answer.

PrimeServer Pro von Prime im Büro

How a High Quality PC Can Perform Reliably Even in Tough Environments

Setting up a mini PC in an office is one thing but what about other places of work where the environment is less favourable for the miniature components inside a computer? Conventional computers are well-known to be sensitive to vibrations, shocks, dust and grime. Since mini PCs are designed to be carried about from A to B and plugged in at various locations, high-quality ones ought to be able to withstand the rigours of less conducive working environments.

A typical workplace where a mini PC with a robust housing would be appropriate would be in a carpentry workshop, for example. In an environment where wood is being worked on, it becomes inevitable that airborne particles will come into contact with computer equipment. The same can be said of mechanics’ garages, metal fabrication sites, agricultural buildings and even barbers’ shops. If you need a top-notch computer but one that can resist knocks as well as dust, a well engineered mini PC offers everything you need.


For Use at Home and For Use in the Office

Having one PC that you can work on at home and take into the office when needed is so convenient for modern working patterns and lifestyles. True, you might replicate your home and work PC so that you can gain access to all of your files and software in either setting. However, this often means relying on cloud storage solutions. What if this becomes unreliable or your data is too sensitive to entrust to a third-party server?

A high-quality miniature PC which you can slip into your briefcase, put in the hold of an aircraft with your checked luggage or even stow in the boot of your car provides a secure computing solution that meets the requirements of both office and home in a single, convenient housing. Bear in mind that having one or more version of a piece of software often comes with a greater cost. As such, transporting your PC around with you rather than paying for an additional license may mean that the cost of upgrading to a mini computer becomes negligible.

First Rate Engineering

A Swiss-made mini PC may offer you lots of benefits depending on where you intend to use your computer, but are they really as well-made as something as iconic as, say, a Swiss Army penknife? You just have to take a look at the components to get an idea of the high-quality engineering that goes into these products. Firstly, you can expect a fanless design.

Not only does this mean that your PC will be virtually silent when running, but it allows for greater reliability since no moving parts are required. Unlike conventional PCs, mini ones should provide you with lower running costs over their life cycle because they use less power and don’t need to be upgraded with new hardware. Another important factor to consider is the closed housing which offers mini PCs a great deal of rigidity and durability. It also means that dust cannot build-up inside making them ideal in dirty environments. Conversely, it also makes them perfect in places like hospitals which need to remain clean since dirt and microbes cannot make ingress into the housing which cannot be cleaned.


A Design That is Built to Last

High-quality mini PCs should come with an extended warranty because they have been made well in the first place. In the case of Prime Computer, the entire range is offered with a five-year guarantee against failure. The PCs are tested and will provide extremely fast loading rates on start-up plus consistent processing performance for the duration of their working lives. Of course, high standards of production are regularly monitored as you’d expect from any reputable Swiss technology firm.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that even the products’ final days have been considered, too. At the end of a mini PCs use, it can be entirely recycled and even returned to Prime Computer who will recycle it for you if wanted.

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