“We have been working with the PrimeMinis for four years. They are used for various tasks, such as technical drawings, graphics or office work.”

Michel Bernhard, Managing Director Optipac GmbH

Boxes in all shapes and colours

Optipac GmbH has been based in St. Gallen since 2009 and supplies the whole of Switzerland from here. In 2010 the e-commerce was added. “We are fast, competent and one of the largest Swiss suppliers of transport packaging” explains Michel Bernhard, Managing Director of Optipac GmbH. “With over 1,000 items, we have a huge stock range and are continuously expanding it – everything relating to parcels”. The range includes cardboard boxes in all sizes and variations. They are available for sealing with adhesive tape or with self-adhesive closure, printed or unprinted. The company also offers standard envelopes and specially styled envelopes for mailings, coloured, black or white, as well as special packaging for sending CDs and DVDs, calendars, folders, posters or CAD plans, as well as bottle or film fixing packaging for sensitive items. A large selection of accessories and stuffing material completes the range of Optipac GmbH.

In addition to the large stock range, the company also develops customer-specific packaging solutions such as the packaging of Prime Computer products. Optipac has many years of experience in the development of robust, user-friendly and visually appealing packaging made of solid and corrugated cardboard. The in-house development is not limited by our own machinery either. “We are always happy to tread new paths and always offer customer-oriented solutions,” explains Bernhard. The company produces small but also large quantities, which can be requested by customers on demand – just in time. “Delivery within 24 hours is standard for us – and we are usually faster,” Bernhard explains with a laugh.

Michel Bernhard has been the driving force at Optipac GmbH since 2009. As a trained businessman, he was a lateral entrant in the packaging industry at the time, and years later he continues to bring a breath of fresh air to the East- Switzerland company.

CAD software and Adobe Illustrator – no problem for the PrimeMini

Optipac GmbH has seven Prime Computer desktop PCs in use to date. The managing director summarizes his experiences: “We have been working with PrimeMinis for four years. They are used for various tasks. On one hand for technical drawings, which we create with the latest version of ArtiosCAD, a software program specially designed for the design of folding boxes. On the other hand our graphic designers work with Adobe Illustrator and of course all office work is done on the PrimeMinis. The PrimeMinis don’t cause us any problems or noise. The computers from Prime Computer are simply great.”

Link to Optipac

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