“No more hairs and dust in the PC fan that will bring the device to a standstill.”

Arlinda Malici, Managing Director of Ryf Gallusmarkt, St.Gallen

Ryf Coiffure - Prime Computer

Already 5 of 8 hairdressing salons are equipped with Prime Computer products

Since 2 years we work with the PrimeMinis at Ryf Coiffure & Kosmetik AG. We use the desktop PCs at the reception of our hairdressing salons. Up to now, 5 of our 8 locations in Switzerland have already been equipped with Prime Computer devices.

Special about Prime Computer devices is that the fine hair cannot get into the PC due to the fanless design. This means that we do not have to clean the device regularly to remove hair and dust from the fan. With the previous devices of other manufacturers we had regular failures, which were caused by the hair in the fan.

A fast PC is an essential advantage in order to serve our customers efficiently. The hairdresser software we use runs perfectly on the PrimeMinis and does not come to a standstill. Thus we can simply enter the data of our customers and access the calendar without waiting time to enter new appointments.

In addition, the appearance of a hairdresser’s salon is also decisive. The PrimeMini is placed on the counter. The device is simple and inconspicuous.

Image top left: Arlinda Malici, Ryf Gallusmarkt, St.Gallen
Image top right: Desktop-PC at the reception of Ryf Gallusmarkt, St.Gallen

Ryf Coiffure

Über Ryf Coiffure und Kosmetik AG

A Tradition of Demand
Ryf comes from Switzerland – and what comes from Switzerland stands for quality. Ever since it was founded, Ryf has grown to become a pioneer of quality in the hairdressing trade.

Coiffure – the art of hairdressing
Welcome, advise, treat – this is our daily bread and what we do best. Every guest has an individual hair structure, wishes and needs. We can only respond to these needs with high quality standards because we regularly train and support our employees.

Hairdresser from the heart
Our salons have a team who are hairdressers from the heart. Beautifying people, making them happy and continually improving their professional skills. That’s what we stand for.

Images top: Ryf Gallusmarkt, St.Gallen

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