“Custom-made products and authentic consulting from an innovative St.Gallen company. Anytime again! Thank you Prime Computer.”

Isabel Schorer, Head of Location Promotion Agency of the City of St.Gallen and Member of the Cantonal Council of St.Gallen

PrimeComputer - Standortförderung Stadt St.Gallen

Suitable hardware for Virtual Reality by Prime Computer

The location promotion agency of the city of St.Gallen is responsible for the marketing of the business location St.Gallen. “We are an innovative and modern city, which has traditional values, but is always inspired by new ideas”.

A few months ago we were asked by a young company (WeaVR) whether we would like to implement a project with 360° images for the city of St.Gallen. We became a partner of this project and enabled access to hotspots and insider places in St.Gallen. For example, we took 360-degree photos of the Abbey Library, the Red Place of St.Gallen, the Textile Museum and the temporary use of the goods station Lattich.

The idea was to use virtual reality to present the images to a wide audience at trade fairs, congresses and events – a virtual tour through the city of St.Gallen.

All that was needed for the implementation and presentation was to find the right hardware, so the involvement of an IT company in St.Gallen was obvious. Prime Computer is well acquainted with the location promotion agency of the city of St.Gallen. At that time, Prime Computer already had a virtual reality project with the Startfeld Association from St.Gallen and so we became aware of the products. Prime Computer gave us competent advice and was very positive about our project right from the start. Prime Computer provided us with a powerful computer and suitable virtual reality glasses.

To date, we have presented the virtual tour through St.Gallen at various events and carried it out with many interested people. The project met with great enthusiasm! We will also be offering this virtual tour at other events.

Would you like to have a virtual experience of the city yourself? Here you can start the 360° tour directly from your PC or smartphone and explore insider places in St.Gallen.

> To the virtual tour through St.Gallen

About Location Promotion Agency of the City of St.Gallen

The city of St.Gallen is the attractive centre and powerful engine of the economy of Eastern
Switzerland. Dynamic companies find ideal conditions for economic success here. As a location, the city of St.Gallen has great charisma and economic significance for the whole of Eastern Switzerland. The needs of the residents and future entrepreneurs of St.Gallen are very important to the city of St.Gallen. The agency of Location Promotion is responsible for economic development and location marketing.

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