Problems with the Windows 10 sleep mode

The Prime Computer Tech Tips feature useful tutorials for troubleshooting and setting options. Even PC users with little knowledge will be able to utilize these tips.

In rare cases, the Windows 10 sleep mode causes problems. The PC switches to sleep mode and can not be reactivated correctly. Some affected PCs can only be started after a soft reset or do not output a signal via all video or audio connections. To make matters worse, the sleep mode cannot be disabled in those cases, although this setting option is available in Windows 10.

Even a few (> 1%) PrimeMini 4 had this sleep mode bug. Neither Microsoft nor the CPU manufacturers have been able to provide a satisfactory solution, yet.

This Prime Computer Tech Tip post explains the procedure to disable the sleep mode on the PrimeMini 4. The tutorial can be used analogously for other PCs, but the suitable drivers, corresponding to the affected PC, have to be downloaded and installed.


Video Tutorial: Install drivers

(Activate English captions)

Install drivers

1. Download Intel Management Engine and graphics drivers

2. Install drivers

2.1 Intel Management Engine > extract .zip file > File ME_SW_MSI > execute SetupME.exe

2.2 Graphics drivers > execute the downloaded app (.exe)

3. Restart the PC

Download – Intel Management Engine
Download – graphics drivers for PrimeMini 4


Videoanleitung: Energiesparmodus ausschalten

(Activate English captions)

Disable sleep mode

1. Type cmd in the Windows search field > App Command Prompt appears

2. Open (right click) Command Prompt as administrator > Command Prompt opens in a new window

3. write “powercfg -h off” > press enter

4. Right click on Windows icon > Pop up menu opens

5. Click on “Power Options” > opens in a new window

6. Edit “sleep” > Switch to “never”


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