The ideal hardware for the food industry

Digitalization in the food industry is elementary for a successful future. This requires the right hardware. Prime Computer’s fanless PCs and servers have unique features that bring decisive advantages for the use in the gastronomy and other branches of the food industry. Especially when IT hardware and computing power are required that can do more than just a tablet or smartphone for order processing in restaurants.

Prime Computer is an established supplier of IT hardware for the food industry. The products are used internationally in system catering, industrial facilities, hotels and restaurants.


Silent, compact, stylish

Prime Computer manufactures its fanless Mini-PCs and servers in Switzerland. The special design of the products with purely passive cooling, which is carried out via a housing made of special aluminum milled from a single block, creates the very special advantages required in the food and agricultural sector.
The PrimeMini desktop PCs are completely silent, extremely small and look high-quality. The PCs are therefore ideally suited for use in the office, but also in the front end of restaurants or shops, where customers can see the PCs.

Dirt-resistant, robust, hygienic

The closed aluminum housing makes all Prime Computer products extremely robust and resistant to dirt, dust and grease. This allows the PCs and servers to be used directly in dirty production rooms or even kitchens. Especially in system gastronomy with its many standardized processes, several servers and Mini-PCs per restaurant are in use. Be it in the kitchen or at the checkout. PrimeMini PCs are also popular as built-in solutions.
In addition, Prime Computer PCs and servers meet the hygiene requirements asked for in the food sector. The surfaces are easy to clean and the absence of fans means that there are no air currents that spread dirt, dust or germs.

primeserver in kueche

Sustainability as a corporate philosophy

Sustainability plays a very important role at Prime Computer. That’s why all products are designed for the longest possible service life, energy efficiency and reliability. Especially in the industry or system catering, long support and extended lifetime of the IT products is extremely important. 5 years warranty are always included with all Prime Computer products. Despite their dirt-resistant design, components such as hard disks or RAM can be easily replaced or expanded.

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