Updated 25.05.2022

“The Prime Computers fit perfectly with our brand Mindfire: we want the best technology, with the best service. I am proud to own and use the company’s most powerful yet most compact computer”

Pascal Kaufmann – Founder of Mindfire

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Noiselessness, compactness and robustness – these factors were decisive

The PrimeMinis are used in the HQ of the Mindfire Foundation in Zurich. At Mindfire we rely on the latest technology. The requirements for the new IT hardware were clear. The new devices should be modern and compact, have high performance and a long service life without losing performance.

For Pascal Kaufmann, founder of Mindfire, 3 factors were decisive: noiselessness, compactness and robustness. In addition, the cool design was convincing. We love high-tech!

The consulting by Sacha Ghiglione and the Prime Computer Partner Direct IT was extremely competent, also with regard to suitable monitors. We purchased these from Direct IT. The cooperation was excellent. We received a carefree package and the teamwork was excellent. We are very satisfied with the products, so far everything is working perfectly.

Sacha Ghiglione, CEO of Prime Computer, is an entrepreneur through and through and you can feel his passion for the product. The team is highly motivated and delivers within a short time. Above all, the short and uncomplicated process from consulting, through ordering, to delivery and installation of the equipment was fantastic.

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About Mindfire

The foundation was established in 2017 with the goal of developing human-level artificial intelligence to empower humans. The Mindfire Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland, the cradle of international cooperation, and home to many of the world’s leading scientific, environmental and economic organizations. Mindfire reflects the country’s values of responsibility and trust, and builds on Switzerland’s proven track record as a hub for groundbreaking science, technology and philanthropy.

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