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1. Restart

The first question that a technical support will ask you in 99% of all cases is: “Have you already restarted the affected device? The technician does not ask you this question because he is particularly unimaginative, but because a restart solves the problem in surprisingly many cases. Before restarting, try to save all open projects and files. With the PrimeMini, a shutdown can be forced by pressing the power button for a longer time (at least 5 seconds) if a normal restart is no longer possible.


Periphery / Device does not start

2. Test the cable connections

In case of problems with connected screens, other peripheral devices, if the PC cannot be started anymore or in case of network problems it is worthwhile to test the connected cables first.

Make sure that all cables are properly connected to the PrimeMini and to the connected device or power outlet. With some cables or connections, some pressure is necessary to plug them in correctly.

If the problem persists despite correct wiring, connect the affected cable or peripheral device to another desktop PC or laptop. If the same problem occurs there, the cable or peripheral device is usually defective and not the PrimeMini.

If the cable and peripheral device work on a second PC, you can connect another device with a different cable to the affected PrimeMini port to finally find the source of the error. Should the new peripheral device and cable also trigger the same error, the corresponding port of the PrimeMini is defective and the Prime Computer support or the support of your Prime Computer partner should be contacted.

netzstecker und lan kabel


Device does not start

3. Flashing status LED

If the PrimeMini does not start, but the status LED on the front of the PrimeMini flashes at an interval of three, this indicates a RAM defect or an incompatible RAM. The RAM must be replaced. We recommend to always buy the PrimeMini with pre-installed RAM, as all ordered components are covered by the 5-year Prime Computer warranty. This also ensures that the RAM has the correct voltage and frequency.

The status LED flashes regularly when the PrimeMini is in sleep mode. Simply wake up the PrimeMini by pressing the start button.



4. Update drivers and Windows

A driver update often helps with compatibility problems. The Intel Driver and Support Wizard provides you with a tool that makes driver updates to your PrimeMini child’s play. The tool automatically analyzes your PrimeMini and shows where new drivers are available. The appropriate drivers can be downloaded and installed with a single click. The link to the drivers respectively this tool can be found on the Prime Computer support page: Link

It is not always necessary to update immediately to the latest Windows 10 version. We recommend however an update to the next or even newest version, if the currently used Windows 10 version is older than one year.

How can I find out which version of Windows 10 is currently installed? Press the “Windows” and “R” keys at the same time. In the now opened “Run” window type “winver” and press “Enter”. Now a new window opens with the Windows 10 version number. The first two numbers show the year and the last two the month in which this version was released.

windows10 update


Device does not start

5. BIOS-Recovery

If you have followed the instructions in steps 2 and 3, but the PC still does not start, a BIOS recovery can help. A step-by-step guide on how to perform such a BIOS recovery can be found here: Link


You can also find further information on our FAQ page: Link

And on our support page: Link


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