Prime Computer has been supporting the “Plant-for-the-Planet” foundation for a good two years. For every Prime Computer product sold, an amount is donated and thus at least one tree is planted. In addition, for every Prime Computer mini-PC or server sold, over one Swiss franc goes to the “Plant-for-the-Planet” academy, where children pass on their knowledge about climate protection to other children.

Since the beginning of the support, several thousand trees have been planted with the contributions of Prime Computer respectively our customers.

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Saving the climate with trees

Plant-for-the-Planet was founded in 2007 by the student Felix Finkbeiner. His vision was to encourage children all over the world to plant a million trees in every country on the globe. In Germany, where Felix Finkbeiner grew up, this goal was achieved just three years later. Since the “Billion Tree Campaign” of UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme, was integrated into Felix Finkbeiner’s project in 2011, the dimensions have changed. The goal is now to plant 1’000 billion new trees. As of today, almost 14 billion trees have already been planted by the project: Link to the global tree counter

The additional trees can help to reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Growing trees bind CO2 in their trunks, branches, leaves and needles. The idea behind the project is supported by scientific studies, such as those conducted by ETH Zurich: Link


10 million trees for Yucatán

The largest project of Plant-for-the-Planet is currently located in Mexico. The foundation has purchased 22,500 hectares of fallow land on the Mexican Yucatán peninsula. A forest used to stand there, but it was cleared by the previous owner of the land. Plant-for-the-Planet now plants 5’500 trees per day. By the end of 2020, 10 million trees are to be planted. Thanks to the project, over 100 people have found work where they are employed under very good conditions. Of course, only indigenous tree species are planted. Increasing biodiversity is a central goal of the Plant-for-the-Planet projects, along with CO2 binding. At a later stage, selective and thus sustainable forestry can be established in the new forest without endangering the climate or biodiversity goals.

Prime Computer pflanzt Bäume

Added value for customers

Why does Prime Computer support a project like “Plant-for-the-Planet”? First and foremost because it is a commitment that fits perfectly with one of our five core values. We don’t just want to talk about this value, we call it “awareness“, but also act on it whenever possible.

In doing so, Prime Computer also wants to create added value for its customers with its initiatives. This includes, for example, the Prime Computer Second Life Cycle Project. These initiatives, as a meaningful addition to the long product life cycle and minimal power consumption of Prime Computer mini-PCs and servers, help our customers to achieve their own environmental and sustainability goals.


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