Due to the current recommendations to contain the coronavirus, the vast majority of Prime Computer’s employees have also been in their home office since yesterday. Only the production employees remain in the Prime Computer Office. Those of the employees who have not yet had a PrimeMini at home simply unplugged their PrimeMini from the office desk and reinstalled it on the desk at home. In this way, all employees were able to set up a full-fledged workplace without much effort, which is hardly inferior to the one in the office. Since we practically only use online tools, collaboration is not really affected. Recently our entire telephone system has been switched over to Microsoft teams. So here too we are completely independent of location.

We are happy to share a small selection of pictures of the new home office workplaces in this post. On our social media channels, we will show more setups later on.


The ideal home office PC

The key benefit that makes the PrimeMini 4 an excellent home office PC is its ultra-compact footprint. Even on a typically smaller desk at home, it can be placed directly on the desk without any problems. This makes installation and cabling super easy. You can reach all connections very easily. Despite its placement on the desktop, there is still enough space for full dual-screen setups or large single screens. This allows many of us to work much more efficiently than with a small notebook screen or a dual setup, where one of the screens is the notebook’s screen.


Availability of PrimeMini 4

The Home Office PC PrimeMini 4 is available from stock from us and our distributors. In China and other East Asian countries, where most of our components are manufactured, the situation has been tense for some time due to the coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, we filled up our stock at the beginning of the crisis. Despite the higher prices we had to pay for components like RAM or SSDs, the selling price of the PrimeMinis will not and was not adjusted. The other advantages of the PrimeMini 4, like complete silence, reliability, extended business features and 5 years warranty are of course always included.

Buy the PrimeMini 4

The PrimeMini 4 can be ordered directly from the Prime Computer online shop: Link

The PrimeMini 4 can also be ordered from stock via our distribution partner Alltron respectively Brack.ch: Link

If customers need additional peripherals for their home office, Brack.ch offers everything from a single source together with the PrimeMini 4.

Screens: Link
Mouse and keyboard: Link
Headsets: Link
Webcams: Link

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