Updated 09.02.2022

The pandemic has changed how we work. Working at home at least a few days a week is now the rule, not the exception. At Prime Computer, we introduced a home office for all employees who didn’t work in production during the first lockdown in spring 2020. Those employees who have not yet had a PrimeMini at home unplugged their PrimeMini from the office desk and reinstalled it on their desk at home. In this way, all employees could set up a full-fledged workplace without much effort, one that would not be inferior to the one in the office. Since we only use online tools, collaboration is not really affected. Recently our entire telephone system has been switched over to Microsoft teams. So here too, we are completely independent of location.

We are happy to share a small image selection of the our employee’s home office workstations in this post.


The ideal home office PC

A key benefit that makes the PrimeMini an excellent home office PC is its ultra-compact footprint. Even on a typically smaller desk at home, it can be placed directly on the desk without any problems. This makes installation and cabling super easy. You can reach all connections very easily. Despite its placement on the desktop, there is still enough space for full dual-screen setups or large single screens. This allows many of us to work much more efficiently than with a small notebook screen or a dual setup, where one of the screens is the notebook’s screen.


PrimeMini on the go

Not only was it easy to take from the office to the home office, but  Fabian Brülhart from IT dental GmbH takes it one step further and takes it to his next meeting!

Thanks to its small size, one can carry this 100% climate-neutral mini-PC easily from one place to the other in your bag. Read more about the PrimeMini 5 here.

The PrimeMini 5 on a silver car hood.

Silent and energy-efficient

Like all Prime Computer products, the PrimeMini is completely silent. We achieve this by a fanless design and cooling it using fast SSDs.

All of us who now work at home more often have noticed it in our electricity bills. Computers consume energy. Especially because we spend several hours a day working on the PC, an energy-efficient PC saves a surprising amount of money over a longer period of time. We have developed a detailed operating cost calculator that allows everyone to accurately calculate their savings when using a PrimeMini as a home office computer. A positive side effect of an energy-efficient computer is the reduction of our carbon footprint. The Prime Computer sustainability calculator illustrates exactly what this means with impressive comparisons.

The PrimeMini in action

Here is yet another successful installation of silent & Prime Computer IT hardware in a practice by IT dental.

Computers that are installed in medical practices and clinics must meet high hygienic standards in order to minimize the risk of infection transmission. Our fanless devices do not swirl around germs and can be easily disinfected, ensuring that you achieve your hygiene standards. Click here to learn more about the PrimeMini 5.

The PrimeMini on a small shelf surrounded by cables and sockets.

Learn more about the PrimeMini 5 here.

…or check out this link to not-do math and use our sustainability calculator to do it for you. Or better yet, our operating cost calculator is right here.

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Go to sustainability calculator

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