The gastronomy or hotels live from the fact that they can offer their guests a perfect ambience and smooth service with all amenities at any time and seemingly effortlessly. Of course, good staff is first and foremost necessary and responsible for this. Behind the scenes in most companies of the gastronomy and hotel industry, there is now just as much extensive hardware or even a complete IT landscape working to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. As in all other industries, there is a lot of special software that helps. But the main work is still done by PCs for hotels and restaurants. What must it be able to do nowadays?

PrimeMini als PC für Hotel oder Bars und Restaurants

PrimeMini as PC for hotel or bars and restaurants

In the hospitality industry many tasks are waiting for a computer. From reception to restaurant to room service, people pay close attention to personal contact with guests and all the other tasks that only a human being can do. But more and more often a PC for hotels or restaurants helps them in this task. This support is also urgently needed because guests are placing ever higher demands on their hosts.

And only satisfied guests become the capital of the hospitality industry. They come back or recommend the company to others. To achieve this, it is essential that all guests enjoy maximum service from the moment they are welcomed or received until they leave and the bill is paid. This is no longer possible without the help of a PC for hotel or even entire servers. Bookings, customer data and invoices can be managed in one place.

Then the personnel deployment must be planned and coordinated. An in-house WLAN needs user administration and possibly a billing system. The work of the room service must be logged. Possibly the company uses digital signage for room or route signage, advertising or general information – a PC for hotels and restaurants can be used everywhere.

Der ideale PC für Hotel und Gastronomie

The PC for hotel or restaurant must be versatile

A powerful processor, good graphics performance, flexible equipment in terms of memory and hard disk space, HDMI outputs with support for 4K or UHD resolution, network interface and WLAN, perhaps Bluetooth – these are the requirements that a PC for hotel or gastronomy must meet.

These are also the qualities that the PrimeMini 4 has to offer: powerful equipment with great flexibility, which fits exactly to the flexible requirements and the many and varied tasks of the hospitality industry. It is therefore very well suited for applications where conventional hardware quickly reaches its limits.

The Mini-PCs for hotels and restaurants master the most diverse software applications or the control of other technology with ease. You can always adapt the hardware equipment of the PC for hotel exactly to your requirements and demands. With every Prime Computer product from Switzerland, you also receive a whole range of advantages with which Mini-PCs for hotels and restaurants can further convince you.

PrimeMini 4 im Lager

These Mini-PCs bring real cost advantages

There is fierce competition in the restaurant and hotel industry. In addition to innovative offers and concepts, cost efficiency also determines which companies are successful. Prime Computer’s products for hotels and restaurants help to save costs every day. This starts with their high energy efficiency. In direct comparison with other computers, our Mini-PCs for hotel or restaurant need around 80 watts less power per hour!

In the case of a PC for the hotel industry, which often runs 24 hours a day, this results in underconsumption of around 700 kWh over a year. At Swiss electricity prices of around 25 Swiss centimes, this translates into concrete annual savings of 175 Swiss francs (around 175 Dollars US) for each computer. Furthermore, these computers are particularly low-maintenance, often even maintenance-free, and will provide you with reliable support for five years or more. In this way they avoid high repair and maintenance costs.

In the same way, they postpone the need to purchase new hardware and the associated costs for some time. So by using these computers you further reduce your costs. Thanks to their ultra-compact design, the products can be easily placed in tight spaces or even completely hidden away, such as at the reception desk, guest rooms or conference rooms. A big advantage of a Mini PC from Prime Computer is the fanless design. This makes it completely silent and therefore perfect for locations where noise emissions are undesirable.


The PC for hotel or gastronomy and sustainability

The Prime Computer products directly increase the sustainability of your company. Sustainable corporate management is one of the great challenges of our time and will determine the success of your company in the future. Customers or investors increasingly demand this sustainability. The durable and economical Prime Computer products for hotels and restaurants help you to meet these requirements and expectations.

Der PC für Hotel oder Gastronomie und die Nachhaltigkeit
Der PC für Hotel oder Gastronomie und die Nachhaltigkeit

They help you save energy and power, conserve resources and at the same time give the world back a piece of nature with every purchase of a Mini-PC from Prime Computer. Because we donate a tree to the Trillion Tree Campaign at the same time.

Once this initiative started small and wanted to plant a billion new trees on earth to improve the world climate. When the goal was exceeded, the campaign immediately set its sights on the mark of one trillion trees that could offset all the CO2 emissions of the last decade. Help out with a Prime Computer Mini PC for your hospitality business!

Or support sustainability in other ways: With our Second Life Cycle Program, in which we put your old IT hardware to a sensible second use – naturally only after professional and certified deletion of all data on your computers. The old hardware will be remunerated at current market value.

PrimeServer Pro

Server for hotel and gastronomy

Our PrimeMinis are powerful enough to work as small servers in addition to being used as single computers. For more demanding tasks, however, we can also supply you with real servers such as PrimeServer or PrimeServer Pro. All computers and servers come in a compact, robust design. Dirt, dust or grease in the ambient air do not affect them at all with a fanless, passively cooled architecture.

At the same time, thanks to this design they do not spread dust or other dirt particles in the environment and help you maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your company. In addition, these computers are small so they can be easily and discreetly integrated anywhere in your hotel or restaurant interior.

But you don’t have to hide the dark, timelessly elegant aluminum casing of these PCs and servers. It can be seen everywhere and fits perfectly into any environment. High or low ambient temperatures, as they can quickly develop in a kitchen or outdoors, do not bother these computers. They continue to perform their work reliably in the same way as in a heated office.

We have also thought about installation solutions for all PrimeMinis and servers: threaded holes on the underside for secure mounting of the PrimeMinis or stands and rack mounting kit for the servers. With this hardware for hotel and gastronomy you have all possibilities.

PrimeMini 4

PC for hotel with guaranteed quality

We know our PrimeMinis and servers. We have designed, developed and manufactured them here in Switzerland directly in our company. The components we only purchase from selected, renowned partners. We understand our work and our Prime Computer products as another example of true Swiss Made quality.

This quality is world-class. We are convinced of this and give you a full five-year guarantee on every Prime Computer product for hotels and restaurants: 100% guaranteed quality without any ifs and buts with your Mini PC or server from Prime Computer.


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