Buy powerful servers from Prime Computer AG

Every company needs reliable servers. And yet these high-quality products are not easy to find. Why not buy servers that are manufactured in Switzerland and have been inspiring people with their features for many years?

The Swiss Prime Computer AG provides these products. The PrimeServer and PrimeServer Pro are the perfect solutions for smaller companies, data centers, and branch offices. This is where the applications and data of numerous desktop PCs come together. And the high-performance data processing leaves no questions unanswered.

Powerhouse PrimeServer Pro

The PrimeServer Pro can be ordered with four, eight, or twelve cores. With Intel Xeon d-2100 processors and up to 128 GB RAM, it is a real powerhouse. Nevertheless, it is energy-efficient and therefore consumes less power. So you can save money and still have a server that does its job quickly and reliably.

The RAM can be expanded flexibly. The PrimeServer Pro can be placed either in a 19-inch rack or free-standing on the supplied stands. To ensure that you are also covered for the future, Prime Computer AG offers a convenient five-year warranty on all new servers

Effective at any temperature

The ambient temperature plays hardly any role for the functioning. The server works just as effectively in cold weather as in summer temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius. At Prime Computer AG you can not only get the Starter Edition – but you can also find data centers for high demands. Determine the components of your server yourself!

If you are unsure which server is suitable for your needs, simply contact the reliable team of the Swiss company. They will be happy to help you here. After the comprehensive consultation, you will know exactly which server will ensure your business success in the future.

PrimeServer Pro - Server kaufen

You enjoy numerous advantages when buying a server

Of course, performance is the top priority for servers. But when you choose a server from Prime Computer, you enjoy many other advantages. The servers work without a fan. This means they do not suck in dusty air and therefore do not release any bacteria or dirt into their environment. The server room remains clean.

In addition, all PrimeServers are completely silent. Why is this so? Because the fan of conventional servers works very loudly and therefore the noise is definitely audible. Even the use of several servers is not associated with any restrictions for your employees. Added to this is the innovative design.

The case looks compact, and the aluminium finish means you’ll immediately recognise that you’ve secured yourself a true top model. The passive and wear-free cooling is innovative. Even under the toughest conditions, the PrimeServers do their jobs. They can even be used in hygiene rooms, as their almost completely closed housing stands for cleanliness.

No noise, great performance

The server is also used in small companies. Not every office has its own server room. Therefore, the noise pollution caused by a server quickly becomes a nuisance. But not with Prime Server Pro. Even without your own server room, you will not notice it. You will not feel disturbed, even though the server is right next to you. Mechanical parts are also not used with the servers.

Reliable in use

The reliability of the servers is of course in focus as well. A server failure can be expensive. It is possible that your entire business will be brought to a standstill. Not only you are upset, but also your customers will not accept this.

With the servers of Prime Computer AG a failure is almost impossible. However, should the unexpected case occur that a server causes problems, the service technicians offer quick help. In most cases the problems can be solved within a short time.

The success of the Swiss company is therefore no accident. Many customers have long since decided to use the manufacturer’s servers. Buy a server from Prime Computer and our business will be lifted to a new level.


What is a desktop PC?

Was ist ein Desktop-PC?

Not only private consumers use desktop PCs regularly. For companies, too – regardless of their industry – there is no alternative to digitizing workflows these days. Thus, in almost all companies today, desktop PCs are used for input, visualization, and output of data. 

Indispensable for companies

Whether in the office, production, procurement, management, or warehousing: the advantages of a desktop PC are indispensable for many companies, which is why they choose – especially in Switzerland – intuitive solutions from Prime Computer AG.

In principle, a desktop PC in private use is hardly any different from one in business use. Both are intended for data processing for the end-user. However, one difference quickly becomes apparent: the user’s goal.

While the desktop PC in a private household is mostly used to obtain information in everyday life or for entertainment, the goal of a company’s desktop PC is focused on data processing and internal and external communication.

This results in different requirement profiles for business purposes, which a private desktop PC can only fulfill with difficulty. Worth mentioning here would be the space-saving aspect, the simple design, and the noiseless operation.

These three criteria and all other criteria that are part of the requirement profile for desktop PCs in companies are met by the products of Prime Computer AG.


What is a server?

PrimeServer Pro - lüfterloser Server

From a technical perspective, a server is a computer – just like a desktop PC. In contrast to a desktop PC, however, a server does not serve as a client device. Rather, in large data processing systems, a desktop PC requires a central point where all collected data converge.

These stations are called servers. They work in the same way as a desktop PC, with the difference that they are not designed to output data directly. Instead, data is collected here and sent to other servers or desktop PCs.

Web servers, for example, are servers that are programmed exclusively to answer queries from the Internet with data. They are actually desktop computers, but do not have any real output devices. They are therefore purpose-built. The servers of Prime Computer AG are not bound to any fixed purpose.

No matter whether it is a server that is intended to securely manage bookings of your hotel or to securely store employee information of your company: The employees of Prime Computer AG will be happy to advise you individually on the choice of product or on the configuration of components. Here, nobody has to pay for more hardware than necessary. So decide today to buy a server.


What do I need a server for?

Was ist ein Server?

Servers are surrounding us every day. Seemingly simple functions such as logging into your company network underlie complex internal processes with servers. These servers have different locations depending on their intended use.

In some companies, servers are located in server rooms separate from the offices, while other companies opt for an outsourced location in a data centre.

If you decide to buy a server from Prime Computer AG, the location of your server is no longer bound to the purpose – but rather to your requirements.

Servers that you do not have to hide

Prime Computer AG’s servers are built aesthetically and intuitively, so that they contradict a conventional image of high-performance computers. Many still hold on to the image of a big, clunky, blinking and beeping monster.

However, Prime Computer AG from Switzerland proves that high performance and an attractive design can be combined. Thus, the need to hide highly complex computer systems from your customers disappears. But not every company needs a server.

Only decide to buy a server if you need to connect several workstations in a meaningful way – for example, for access control or to distribute data among employees. If your employees work together on a big project, a server is often indispensable.

Server for large amounts of data

With larger amounts of data, a server is indispensable in the computer world. However, this is not the same amount of data as that produced by a particle accelerator, for example. One always speaks of large amounts of data when several desktop PCs require data from a central point.

Even if you store customer data or orders in a database, you need a central point from which the necessary data can be distributed to the various desktop PCs on request. This central contact point can be a Prime Computer AG server tailored to your needs.


Server room or office?

PrimeServer Pro

Thanks to the intuitive design, Prime Computer AG provides you with the perfect basis for deciding where your future server should be located.

In the past, it was necessary to adapt the location to the specific conditions of the server. Today, there are providers like Prime Computer AG who reverse this principle: The servers and desktop PCs have many unique features that do not limit the choice of location.

Choose your location!

As a result, Prime Computer has committed itself to reducing noise pollution to a minimum and avoiding contamination of the immediate working environment.

To achieve this goal, Prime Computer products are passively cooled. Fans are thus a thing of the past. This results in another positive side effect: The absence of the fan prevents the air from being whirled up and the associated distribution of impurities in the workplace.

This results in new areas of application for the products of Prime Computer. The servers meet high hygiene standards: The fanless design of the desktop PCs and servers ensures that no particles are sucked in and whirled around even in the presence of heavy dust and dirt.

Therefore, the use in medical practices, clinics, clean rooms and other facilities where a computer should not be noticed is not an exclusion criterion for a server or desktop PC from Prime Computer. The aluminium housing is also easy to clean and disinfect.

Due to the compact design, Prime Computer products are protected from mechanical shocks and radiation effects. That is why the products are also used in joineries and metalworking shops.


Your individual solution

It is a great challenge to keep an eye on all aspects of the technical requirements for a functioning workflow. For this purpose, large companies often employ entire IT departments that are responsible for proper system integration.

However, small companies with only a few employees, who want to take advantage of modern information processing systems, often have problems to translate the goals of digitization into hardware and software technical requirements.

Many companies know what they want – but only a few know what they need for it. The Prime Computer team will be happy to answer these and many other questions. They will equip you with exactly the products you need to achieve your goals.

If you need help with the setup, the team will be happy to assist you. They will advise you in every respect and on every topic. Contact the company regarding product selection, placement or configuration of the products. The professional team will help you.


Product interaction

Serverraum oder Büro?

You have seen the difference between a desktop PC and a server. Now you will find out the interaction of our products by means of an example.

In order to achieve design unity and unlimited compatibility, we recommend using the products of your computer manufacturer from Switzerland – Prime Computer – for various computers.

The interaction of desktop PCs and servers has proven itself over several years, although the products do not exclude compatibility with products from other manufacturers.


Your company with the products of Prime Computer

Ihr Unternehmen mit den Produkten der Prime Computer AG

Imagine running a hotel. The hotel industry today lives from the advancement of digitalization. Information technology enables the management and control of booking processes, access to customer data, the storage of employee information, and digital check-in.

It should be clear to everyone that this requires professional data processing. In this context, the desktop PCs of Prime Computer fulfill the task of providing data for the employee at the reception desk. They can enter and display bookings and reliably create and modify customer data.

The desktop PC at the reception desk functions exclusively as an input and output device for the end-user. In addition to their functionality, Prime Computer’s products score points for their simple and compact design – including the reception desk.

Especially for hotel chains, where many employees want to access a lot of information in a short time frame, a server solution is indispensable. A server allows the centralization of the factors availability, security, and failure protection.

A central solution for more security

Imagine that all relevant customer data would only be on a desktop PC. In principle, access to this desktop PC by the other computers in the company network would not be a problem. But what happens if the computer fails?

What happens if a partial component is not available, for example a network card? A central solution prevents such problems: a server from Prime Computer. In their basic configuration, they are built to withstand many requests and can therefore reliably process every access.

The design of the servers allows you to offer professionalism to your customers not only in desktop PCs with a compact design. The servers and desktop PCs of Prime Computer AG are almost indistinguishable to an outsider.

Our servers work just as efficiently, environmentally conscious and silent as our desktop PCs. Therefore, Prime Computer’s servers, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the desktop PCs, are also an eye-catcher for the reception. An external server room or even a computer centre is no longer necessary, as the servers always make a positive impression alongside the desktop PCs.

Starter-Edition to Datacenter

The examples listed here will enable your company to effectively digitalize its work flows. Prime Computer will be happy to configure the hardware you need in consultation with you.

The products score with their simple and compact design and passive cooling. Loud fan noise in the server room is now a thing of the past – but not your goal to work digitized with the help of suitable products. Decide today to buy a server from Prime Computer.


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