The latest feature update for Windows 10 has been made available by Microsoft as a regular update to Windows 10 users since the beginning of June. It has the number 2004. 20 for the year 2020 and 04 for the month of April, for which the update was originally planned. Such a feature update for Windows 10 appears twice a year. The 2004 update does not really contain “major” new features. Nevertheless, there are a couple of interesting new or improved features, the most important of which we present to you here.


WSL 2 – Windows Subsystem for Linux

WSL – the Windows Susbystem for Linux – is a compatibility layer that allows Linux software to run on Windows. This requires fewer resources than using a virtual machine on which Linux is installed. With the 2004 update, the second version of the subsystem, WSL 2, will be released. In contrast to WSL 1, a real Linux kernel is used and not a virtualized one. Performance and compatibility is thus significantly improved. If you know your way around, you will even be able to start Linux programs with a graphical user interface directly in Windows. As can be seen by users on the web.

You can find out how to activate WSL in this YouTube video: Videolink


Windows Subsystem for Linux 2

Improved Search

Search in Windows has been adapted and optimized. The indexing, which is executed as a background task, now needs less resources. It also adapts to the load of the hardware (RAM, CPU). It switches itself off when the computer needs performance elsewhere. When Windows 10 is in gaming mode or energy-saving mode, search indexing is always disabled until the mode is changed. Additional new features are that search results are displayed differently, an autocorrection for search terms, and Windows search now drives the File Explorer search

Windows Suche


The Windows task manager (accessed via Ctrl + Alt + Delete) now shows under “Performance” for the drives whether it is an HDD or an SSD. There is now also a temperature display for the installed graphics card (GPU).

Taskmanager GPU Temperatur


The new features of Cortana are interesting for a particular reason. Originally planned as a competition to the digital assistants from Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri) and Google (Google Assistant), Microsoft seems to have accepted that it does not reach the users as desired. Microsoft wants to develop Cortana as part of Microsoft 365. It should become a “personal productivity assistant”, as Microsoft itself states. Appropriately, with the 2004 update, Cortana is no longer a system app, but a regular Windows application. This enables Cortana to obtain updates via the Microsoft Store. Cortana now runs in a freely movable window and shows a chat history. So it remains exciting to see how Cortana will change and develop in the future.

Cortana Chatverlauf
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