“The fact that the support is located in Switzerland was important in the decision for the Mini-PCs from Prime Computer.”

Remo Baumann – Head of IT at inNET Monitoring AG

Remo Baumann inNET Monitoring AG

Use in monitoring stations and hail car

The inNET Monitoring AG uses PrimeMinis primarily in its monitoring stations, where e.g. air pollution or light pollution is measured. The first three pictures show a light monitoring station from inNET in Andermatt, Switzerland, in which a PrimeMini is installed. However, the Minis can also be found in the office of inNET. One PrimeMini was installed in inNET’s hail car. This hail car is no longer in service.

For the utilization in the monitoring stations, a low power consumption with sufficient performance is crucial for inNET. The PrimeMini runs 24/7 in a monitoring station. Especially because the monitoring stations are widely scattered and sometimes difficult to reach, maximum reliability and minimum need for maintenance are essential. Space in a monitoring station is limited for the central computing unit. This is where the PrimeMini scores with its compactness and the wide range of mounting options. The PrimeMini’s resistance to vibration and shock made it suitable for use in a hail car. The computer had to function perfectly, even in a moving vehicle that followed the hailstorms.

Lichtmonitoring Andermatt

The fanless design, the absence of moving parts, and the high quality and energy efficiency of the components used, make the PrimeMini extremely reliable, low-maintenance, and energy-saving. Thus the Prime Computer Mini-PCs best met the requirements of inNET Monitoring AG when evaluating a suitable computer. For Remo Baumann, IT manager at inNET, there is another essential point: “The support from Switzerland plays a major role for us. The distances are so short that you can meet personally and discuss the important topics face to face”. The PrimeMinis have proven themselves at inNET Monitoring AG for several years in various areas of use, especially in terms of reliability and low resource consumption, as Remo Baumann confirms.

PrimeMini 4 Hagelauto inNET Monitoring AG

About inNET Monitoring AG

The inNET Monitoring AG was founded by the 6 Swiss cantons Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Uri, and Zug. The aim is the data-based measurement and monitoring of air, water, soil, radiation, noise, traffic, and weather. For example, inNET offers comprehensive monitoring of light pollution (see first three pictures), an often underestimated burden on humans and the environment. Measurements and monitoring then form the basis for concepts to reduce light pollution or other environmental burdens. These concepts can also be developed and provided by inNET itself.

The company, which is active throughout Switzerland, has its headquarters in Altdorf with a branch office in Lucerne and works for the federal government, cantons, companies, and private clients. Metrologists, engineers, scientists, and computer experts work hand in hand in the company. In addition to scientific environmental monitoring, inNET Monitoring AG operates its own data center. Thus the technology company today offers comprehensive IT services such as hosting, cloud computing, and environmental IT.

Here you can find the inNET Monitoring AG

Nachhaltigkeit Berge Swiss Mountains

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