“High quality, small form factor and sustainable with support of the local economy – exactly the product we were looking for”.

Dr. Volker Clar – Dentist and IT representative at Praxis Oli Buholzer AG

Volker Clar und Fabian Brülhart bei der Installation von IT Dental bei Oli Buholzer AG

IT hardware for dentists

For the Praxis Oli Buholzer AG, a dental practice with five dentists and eight dental hygienists, Prime Computer Partner IT dental has installed a new IT network with several PrimeMini 4 and one PrimeServer Pro.

For Dr. Volker Clar, dentist and IT representative at Praxis Oli Buholzer AG, three things were decisive in choosing IT dental and Prime Computer: “At IT dental we get everything from a single source, and in future we will have one contact person specialised in IT for dentists for all IT matters. With the Prime Computer products we get durable and high-quality Swiss IT hardware. In addition, we like the clean look of the products, which suits a dental practice, because of the cleanliness and the possibility to practice perfect hygiene”.

Installation PrimeMini 4 bei Zahnarztpraxis

Network as a basis

IT dental is an IT service provider specialized in setting up IT networks for dental practices, with which Prime Computer cooperates very closely. Fabian Brülhart, the managing director and owner of IT dental, works directly with the providers of X-ray and practice management software. This leads to optimal integration of all required programs. As a result, the dentist has one point of contact for all IT questions with IT dental and does not have to deal with different responsibilities. All previously used programs can also be used with a new IT network from IT dental and each dentist receives the individually desired workflow.

“A professionally set up network with the right hardware is the indispensable basis so that everything works as the dentist desire. He can now optimally model his workflow with IT,” says Fabian Brülhart. He adds: “With the mini PCs and servers from Prime Computer, I get the perfect hardware for medical practices. It is very reliable, compact, silent, disinfectable and the design is very well received by doctors and patients alike”.

IT Hardware für Zahnarztpraxen

Smooth transition to new IT network

In order to be able to guarantee the customer a complication-free change to the new IT network, IT dental sets up the complete network with original hardware and connection of peripheral devices, such as printers, in its own laboratory. In coordination with the software providers, all desired programs are tested for one week under real conditions at the laboratory. This enables an extremely fast and smooth transition from the old to the new IT network. In the case of Praxis Oli Buholzer AG, the downtime was only two hours, even though a completely new IT network was set up.

IT Dental Website

Dr Volker Clar und Dr Oli Buholzer

About Oli Buholzer AG

The dental practice was established by Otto Buholzer in 1962, taken over and expanded by Oli Buholzer in 1994, and is now being managed by Volker Clar. The Praxis Oli Buholzer AG is an established dental practice in Zug with meanwhile five dentists and eight dental hygienists. They are supported by five dental assistants.

General dentistry as well as orthodontics, endodontology, implantology and periodontology are offered as specialties by the dentists working here. Evidence-based procedures are used and the staff are at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge – also due to the good contacts with the Swiss universities with their continuing education opportunities. One or more specialists are available for each of these areas.

The good and fair preservation of teeth as well as the sometimes necessary dental prosthesis for the well-being of the patient has the highest priority in this practice. Satisfied patients are a matter of great importance to the staff. In addition, through good and honest work during the day, it is easier to enjoy the day after work.

Praxis Oli Buholzer AG Website

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