New standards in quality and safety

In industry and production, modern companies need computers that always operate reliably and meet the highest requirements for quality and safety. The industrial PCs from Prime Computer show all their advantages here.


Latest technology for greater reliability

In general, PCs used in industrial and commercial applications are usually not comparable to home computers. They are much more reliable, work more accurately, are more power-hungry, and are rugged enough to do their job even under the harshest environmental conditions. Quite simply, they are designed to function in an environment that is not necessarily conducive for high-end technology. Dust and dirt are among the greatest stress factors for industry computers, and vibrations can also take their toll. Only very high-quality technology can compensate for these negative influences, and still perform reliably every single day.

Prime Computer has considered exactly this fact with its industrial PCs and provides the industry with models that withstand almost all adversities of the production world. The advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable operation even under vibrations
  • Solid performance even with dust exposure
  • Maintenance-free
  • Use of the latest technology
  • New level of operating safety
  • Extremely efficient operation
  • Low energy consumption = money savings
  • Sleek and elegant design

These computers can be used in the factory and industrial buildings, as well as in offices, conference rooms, or reception halls. The reason: we at Prime Computer have taken care not to make these computers look like the typical industrial computers – big, clunky, and grey. The design is appealing and yet we make no sacrifices for performance; ours are far superior to modern office PCs.


PrimeMini 5 - Industrial PC by Prime Computer - Mechanic Shop

Cost reduction with industrial PCs

At Prime Computer, we do everything we can to provide you with the latest technology to reduce your operating cost, while also reducing your environmental impact. This means our PCs do not become “budget eaters” after you purchase, as often happens with many devices—they suddenly begin to consume so much power that the seemingly low purchase price is quickly forgotten. How annoying when the new computers you purchased for the company become power guzzlers and reduce the profit you are working so hard for! In contract, our computers for the industrial sector use the latest technology to achieve particularly low power consumption, allowing you to save between 1,000 and 1,500 francs over a period of around five years (10 devices in 24-hour operation). Low power consumption plays a particularly important role in the commercial sector, because it is not uncommon for the devices to be in continuous use versus being switched on “just for a moment” and then put back into sleep mode. Instead, they must always be ready for operation and performance without stopping or failing, which leads us directly to the next point: reliability.


Reliable computers in every area

All areas of industry or a production company only run efficiently if the employees work hand in hand and the machines and equipment used function just as smoothly. Any error or failure has a direct impact on the company. Production comes to a standstill if a computer fails, or at least it is delayed. No telling what that would do to sales that day, week, or even month!

The industrial PCs from Prime Computer have been designed to withstand long tests, and constant improvements make our machines particularly powerful and reliable. The installed components of our computers come from well-known brand manufacturers who are known for their high-quality products and from whom only excellent functioning can be expected. We are so convinced of this that we offer a five-year warranty.

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Fanless design as a highlight

Research into fanless designs for computers has been in full swing for several years. However, most users have had bad experiences with this and are now skeptical about PCs with such technology. The industrial PCs from Prime Computer are also fanless, and the technology used has already proven itself many times over. The technology works reliably and offers the amazing advantage of less noise without a fan. The working environment, which is already burdened by noise emissions, is not additionally burdened by the computer. In addition, this significantly reduces germ contamination: a fan ensures that bacteria, fungi, and viruses are dispersed into the environment. People in the immediate vicinity breathe in these pathogens and in the worst case, can develop allergies or even become ill. The fanless design is particularly well suited for the healthcare sector, in care facilities, and hospitals to prevent the germs that are already present from being distributed even further.
Eliminating the usual fan has another advantage: in many computers, this component is not particularly robust and is usually one of the first parts to break down. Since the industrial PC from us works without a fan, an important step has been taken in terms of being low-maintenance and avoiding defects.

Industrie PC

High operating speed of the computer

Nobody likes to sit in front of the computer for a long time and wait for it to complete its work task. Especially in the industrial and commercial sector, time is of the essence; other work processes often depend on the completion of a work step. The Intel and AMD processors that we use, work quickly, thus avoiding long waiting times. You give the command, the computer executes it. The fast mode of operation applies to both the load and the power-on times! Gone are the days when the PC was switched on and you had to wait until it was finally ready for operation—losing valuable working time. The beauty is that the performance you get after you buy our computers remains the same over the years. Additionally, the fanless design contributes to the PCs longevity, because dirt can’t get into the unit without a fan. Dust and dirt are usually the most common reasons why a computer slows down over time, as it damages the fan. Which results into the cooling no longer working properly, and the entire system is less resilient. In the worst case, the computer simply crashes because it has become too warm and will not work under these conditions. Our PCs, on the other hand, are fast and reliable companions in everyday industrial and commercial use.

Perhaps you are now wondering how a PC without a conventional fan can work at all or without overheating. This is made possible by the use of aluminium instead of the usual plastic for the housing. This material is extremely heat conductive and thus the heat generated during the operation of the computer is released into the environment.


Manufactured for users with the highest demands

The industrial PCs from Prime Computer have been manufactured to meet the highest demands. All those who place an increased value on robustness, reliability, and safety are well suited for our computers. We are convinced of our product and therefore offer you the already mentioned five-year warranty on all mechanical and electronic components. Our computers go through extensive tests, which also take place under extreme conditions, which results in realistically assessing when our computers react and how. In the process, we have established that the functionality remains up to our standards permanently and the performance remains high, even when the industrial PC is exposed to high demands. It is not for nothing that many private users now also rely on our industrial PC, which makes the tiresome purchase of a new computer, after just a few years of use, superfluous.


Another plus point: the compact design

Many conventional industrial PCs are large, clunky, and take up a lot of space. There is no question of the sophisticated design here! The industrial PCs from Prime Computer have a compact design that leaves a lot of space for other things in the office, workshop, production hall, or in the production area. If desired, the computers can even be customized, which offers our customers the opportunity to purchase a PC that is perfectly tailored to the company. Important to know: since sustainability is part of our mission, we rely mostly on secondary raw materials that can be reused thanks to recycling. This means you can be sustainable and still meet your design wishes. High quality, sustainability, and design do not have to be considered separately and go hand-in-hand for us.


Actively support GHG reduction

In Switzerland, the Federal Council decided in 2019 that a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions should be achieved by 2030 compared to 1990. This is a major challenge for all of us. Companies need to look at all areas of their business and evaluate where and how they can reduce greenhouse gases.
When developing our products, we make sure that we only use components that are highly energy-efficient, reliable and durable. Our products can help drastically reduce greenhouse gases in companies. For example, our PrimeMini 5 consumes an average of only 15 watts of electricity. This can help a company reduce up to 70% of EUC Scope 2 emissions in the workplace in 5 years.


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