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There are many things to consider when purchasing new hardware for the enterprise. One important consideration is compatibility with the software you use for your applications. Having the latest hardware doesn’t necessarily mean it’s suitable for all applications. That’s why, for example, when running Citrix, it’s important to make sure that the required standards for the hardware are met.

What is Citrix and why does this platform require special hardware?  

Citrix is a manufacturer of software solutions and is particularly specialized in virtualization technology. Since 2007, the company is especially known for its virtualization technology Xen.

Xen allows the creation and administration of virtual systems. These are set up on a host system, i.e. a server. Thanks to virtualization, you have the option of running a large number of independent virtual systems on one server.

The special feature of Citrix is that it enables desktop virtualization. At the same time, Citrix brings automatic load balancing functions. This significantly improves the utilization of available resources on a system.

In order to be able to use all the functions of the platform, the hardware must fulfill special properties. Citrix is constantly expanding the functions and offers various applications for virtualization. The Citrix ecosystem includes the following products:

  • Citrix Hypervisor 
  • Citrix Virtual Apps 
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops 
  • Citrix Workspace App 
  • Citrix ADC 

What is the minimum requirement for my hardware to be able to use Citrix properly?

mini desktop

First of all, there are some requirements concerning the working memory and the hard drive capacity. These can be upgraded if necessary. The Citrix hypervisor requires at least 2 GB of RAM and 46 GB of hard disk capacity. If you use all core components, the requirements increase to 12 GB of RAM.

Citrix also has certain requirements for the operating system. For example, at least Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1 is required to run version 8.2. Furthermore, .NET Framework version 4.6 is required.

However, the requirements that Citrix places on the processor are much more important. First, the CPU must be able to execute 64-bit instruction sets and have at least 1.5 GHz clock speed. Then, the CPU must support virtualization technologies. These are Intel VT, Intel vPro or AMD-V.

These technologies allow to provide important function in Citrix. With virtualization technology support, the system becomes a Trusted Execution Environment. This allows programs to manage virtual systems independently of the host operating system. Some of these functions, which are then available when directly accessing the virtual platforms in Citrix, are:

  • Access to status information
  • Editing configurations
  • Startup and shutdown of virtual systems
  • Automatic load balancing

Which Prime Computer products meet Citrix hardware requirements?

die mini desktop pcs von prime computer

Prime Computer has numerous systems in its portfolio that meet the requirements for Citrix hardware and are certified as “Citrix Ready”. So you can be sure that with products from Prime Computer you can use the full functionality of the Citrix software.

Among the PCs that are compatible with Citrix is the PrimeMini 5, which is an affordable solution for small-scale virtualization. The PrimeMini 5 is equipped with a multi-core CPU from Intel, which has vPro technology. Even on this thin client you can run several virtual systems, and even completely silently.

Also equipped with Citrix hardware are the PrimeServer Pro. These powerful systems are designed as central servers for your corporate IT. They are equipped with powerful Intel Xeon server processors. With eight or more processor cores, they provide sufficient performance to host a large number of virtual systems.

PrimeServer Pro are also equipped with four slots for RAM. This allows you to expand memory capacity as needed. Virtual systems benefit from plenty of RAM. Thus, the PrimeServer Pro are the ideal solution to provide numerous virtual systems based on Citrix.

PrimeServer Pro

Sustainability and energy efficiency: advantages of Citrix-compatible hardware

Virtualization technology offers numerous advantages in practice. One of the central advantages is that a large number of independent virtual systems can run on one server.

In practice, this ensures effective use of resources. Instead of purchasing a single server for each platform, there is only one system. Citrix then provides virtual systems on it. In practice, the virtual environments behave like independent systems. This is also due to the technical capabilities of the processors that support the virtualization technology.

Citrix is also able to manage servers with up to 448 logical processors. Accordingly, enormously powerful servers can be created. Of course, you can also host an enormous number of virtual systems on them.

Citrix also supports a large number of guest operating systems. This makes it possible to run virtual systems with different operating systems on one server at the same time. The list of operating systems that Citrix supports includes the following:


  • Microsoft Windows as of version 8.1
  • Windows Server from version 2012
  • Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE or CentOS



Thanks to this feature, you only need one server to host a wide variety of operating systems. This is helpful if you rely on applications that require a specific operating system. You also benefit from this environment in application development. With a real system, you can provide a wide variety of test environments.

Putting Green IT into practice with Citrix hardware from Prime Computer

server von prime computer

With its advantages, virtualization is in the service of ecology. You need fewer real systems and do the same or even more work. The available resources can be used more effectively with virtualization because the utilization is higher on average.

Citrix achieves this, among other things, with automatic load balancing. With other virtualization solutions, it must be precisely defined which resources are assigned to a virtual system. This prevents optimal utilization of a server’s capacities. Citrix, on the other hand, manages the resources independently and distributes them as needed.

This reduces your investment costs in the IT infrastructure. With one server, you provide all the platforms virtually for which you previously needed three, four or more systems. This also has an impact on running costs. One server consumes significantly less power than multiple systems.

At the same time, desktop virtualization makes it possible to use more economical workstations. The applications are no longer installed on the workstation, but on the virtual system in Citrix. A good solution is the PrimeMini IoT, for example. It is significantly more economical in operation than regular workstations and at the same time completely silent.

In addition, Prime Computer’s servers and workstations are trimmed for energy efficiency. This makes the systems particularly economical to run. With virtualization via Citrix and hardware from Prime Computer, you can reduce your electricity costs. With energy prices constantly rising, this is an interesting aspect.

Are you interested in using the advantages of virtualization via Citrix in your company? Contact Prime Computer now and find out about the right solution for your company. At Prime Computer you will receive competent advice on Citrix hardware, based on practical knowledge. Get hands-on experience with Citrix on PrimeServer Pro.

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