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Our PrimeStation Pulsar has been officially nominated for the Green Product Award 2022 in the category workspace. From now on everyone can vote for our powerful and sustainable workstation on the award page. In this compelling blog post we explain to you what the Green Product Award stands for and show you why the PrimeStation Pulsar not only exceeds expactations in terms of performance, but also scores in terms of sustainability across the board.


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You can support us by voting online until January 31, 2022, to help recognize the contributions PrimeStation Pulsar has made to the sustainable tech community at the award’s website.


Green Product Award

More visibility for innovative green products

Because there was no award for sustainable products that offered participants feedback on their submission and concrete networking measures, Nils Bader initiated the Green Product Award in 2013 with the goal of making future products more sustainable. His mission is to regularly gather all stakeholders (designers, companies, initiatives, investors, media, etc.) around one table on the occasion of the awards, in order to then use this spirit to advance the development, financing as well as communication of these and new solutions. The overall goal of the Green Product Awards is that better, greener products should replace non-sustainable products.

The Green Product Award acknowledges products, services from established companies, start-ups for their excellence in sustainability, design and innovation. The award has been making ‘best practice’ examples accessible to a broad public on an international level from a pool of 1500 submission entries yearly since 2013. The award is presented in twelve categories: Architecture & Tiny Houses, Building Components, New Materials, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Handicraft, Interior & Lifestyle, Kids, Kitchen, Mobility, Sport and Workspace are the areas in which products and services can be presented and will be judged. The PrimeStation Pulsar will compete in the category workspace. An award will be given to the entries that make a special contribution to a sustainable lifestyle.

Six main criteria – three overarching and three specialist aspects are crucial for winning an award. The overarching criteria are the chosen approach, the elaboration of the solution and the impact. The technical criteria are design, innovation and sustainability. This year’s jury consists, among others, of Prof. Martin Charter (Centre of Sustainable Design), Karsten Bleymehl (The Circular Materials GmbH), Jewell Sparks (BITHOUSE Venture Group / UNITED17 Ventures) and Katrin de Louw (Trendfilter).

PrimeStation Pulsar on cardboard packaging with green product award nomination seal 2022.

The powerful workstation from Switzerland

Designed for Excellence

Our inspiration for the new device is the eponymous galactic phenomenon pulsar. A pulsar is a rotating neutron star, that emits two beams of ultra-high-energy cosmic radiation out of its magnetic poles. Pulsars are much more dense than other stars and rotate in a very precise period.  

Prime Computer translated these attributes into the design of an incredible powerful IT device. The power button and its emerging blue streaks represent the neutron star and its cosmic rays. The black, rugged aluminum housing is cut from a single block of recycled aluminum. The dark, rugged and recycled chassis symbolizes the harshness of the space as well the law of physics that energy cannot be destroyed but only transformed from one form to another. Our device mirrors the density and incredible power of a pulsar. Compared to conventional computers the PrimeStation Pulsar is much more compact and powerful. The timeless design of the elegant black housing with sleek LED detail fits in every office and on every desk. 

We made sure that the PrimeStation Pulsar remains facile to repair despite its resistance to dirt and dust. A facile repair despite PrimeStation Pulsar’s resistance to dirt and dust is guaranteed thanks to easily-accessible and exchangable components. 

Prime Computer does not stop its sustainability efforts at designing the device. Part of it is also the packaging. The PrimeStation Pulsar comes shrink-wrapped in sugar cane instead of plastic and is embedded into an 100% recycled cardboard packaging. 

“With PrimeStation Pulsar the team of Prime Computer created something special, what really earns the name Green Product, that’s for sure.”

Nils Bader – Green Product Award Initiator

The initiator of the Green Product Award Nils Bader.

Gentle on the environment

70% less energy consumption

PrimeStation Pulsar consumeup to 70% less power than conventional devices because of its innovative passive cooling system and energy-efficient components and still provides excellent connectivity. On top, it is extremely reliable and fail-safe due to omission of conventional fans that can get dirty and clogged eg. in a greasy ambient air like in an industrial kitchen. As our Swiss-made products need to be replaced less often due to their longevity, unnecessary electronic waste is prevented.  

Nachhaltigkeit Berge Swiss Mountains

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