Often saving money and buying sustainably are pitted against one another as one might believe that choosing the “green” option is always associated with high costs. Especially when it comes to going green with IT, it can be intimidating if you’re on a tight budget. “Only the well-heeled can afford sustainable IT” is a common prejudice that we would like to dispel in the following blog post. 

Go Green If You Buy New

The total resources needed to build, maintain, and retire something are often called “cradle-to-grave costs”. IT hardware has a high cradle to grave cost because rare earth elements are built into the components and the disposal of the individual computer parts is very costly and not necessarily environmentally friendly.

Buying used and remanufactured hardware can be a great opportunity to save money and protect our climate, but it is not an option for everyone as sometimes you simply do not find used hardware that meets your needs. For these cases it is best to look at devices that are friendly to the environment and energy-efficient. These devices may be a bit more expensive to buy, but they consume much less energy than conventional PCs, so the bottom line is that you’re better off with green IT. There are units that are drastically more efficient than others and use less power from a wall socket – like products from Prime Computer. They save you money over time, are built from high-quality components, and the life cycle is longer than conventional products which favourably impacts your budget. And best of all, the price of Prime Computer’s mini PCs has just been lowered. This is our contribution to make green IT affordable for everyone!

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Upgrade & Reuse Instead Of Replace

When the hardware becomes obsolete, usually the entire PC must be replaced. The fact is, however, that the casing, the screen and the battery can function perfectly for a decade or more if treated well, without the performance of the device suffering. Crucial for the performance of the device are above all the processor, RAM, Wi-fi and SSDs. Until now, it was very difficult to replace or upgrade these components individually. Often times a completely new device had to be purchased. Since upgrades of special components such as processors, RAM, Wi-fi and SSDs are both inexpensive and environmentally friendly, we at Prime Computer will soon be launching new devices that are finally modular and flexible.

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Eco-friendly computing is not a contradiction of terms. Many elements of PCs take an environmental toll, but you as a consumer can make a difference with the proper knowledge and actions. Hardware that is sustainable, regularly upgraded, and finally donated or properly recycled has considerably less negative impact on the environment than conventional devices that are only in use for a short period of time. If you care about the environment, check out our sustainable and energy-efficient product portfolio.

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