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Energy-efficient technology from Switzerland outshines the competition

We put our PrimeMini 5 through an independent test by the research company Px³. The aim was to find out what cost savings an energy-efficient mini-PC achieves in real-life situations, in terms of both GHG
emissions and cost savings, and how much CO2 can be saved with climate-neutral hardware.

Results that impress

The researchers’ measurements showed that the PrimeMini 5’s emissions in Scope 2 are between 48-70% lower than those of a conventional office PC. In Scope 3, Prime Computer’s device consumes 43% less carbon emissions than comparable PCs that are not sustainable. These figures are particularly impressive when you realize how much our environment can benefit from such a high amount of emissions saved. The verdict of the research team is therefore also unanimous:

Picture of researcher Justin Sutton-Parker
“Organisations seeking to adopt sustainable IT strategies are enabled to achieve abatement goals, reduce electricity consumption, and accurately substantiate success by transitioning to the PrimeMini 5 desktop computer.”
- Justin Sutton-Parker, Px3 Research Team

Financial and environmental advantage

As end user computing generates 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions and IT consumes between 7-11% of commercial electricity, it makes perfect sense to go with energy-efficient IT hardware from both an environmental and financial perspective. As an example, a company with 250 standard desktop computers saves nearly 10 tonnes of CO2 over five years with mini-PCs from Prime Computer. This enormous amount of CO2 savings is comparable to the CO2 sequestration capacity of a mature 11.5-acre forest. In addition, the company would save more than 12,000 Swiss francs over the five years through lower electricity consumption. And if that weren’t enough–arguments for buying green hardware from Switzerland, we at Prime Computer do one better: as a true climate-neutral company, we offset all Scope 2 and 3 emissions generated during the use of the equipment within the first five years. Investing in green IT hardware from Prime Computer not only benefits your wallet, but above all, our environment.

The Px³ research team

Sustainability is the focus of Px³, a research-based IT consultancy based in the UK. As such, it measures the carbon emissions generated by our economies and associated day-to-day activities and advises companies on all aspects of carbon saving opportunities. Most certification bodies only measure the power consumption of the device without considering the day-to-day applications. Not for Px³: The test took place under real-life conditions – as if the device were used on a typical working day. Learn more about it, HERE.

The Px³ research team is composed of internationally renowned experts in their field. One of them is Justin Sutton-Parker, an information technology sustainability professional with over 25 years of experience. Justin is a PhD doctorate researcher in Computer & Urban Science with the University of Warwick and specialises in the impact of IT on global greenhouse gas emissions. Amongst other roles, he is also the sustainable IT editor and columnist for “My Green Pod” (The Guardian ethics and sustainability supplement) where he is highlighting the role IT can play in slowing global warming and tackling climate change.

Learn More About the Impact of Tech & What You Can Do About It!

Px3 energy-efficiency Test computer vs primemini 5 earth space CTA
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