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The choice on the market when looking for a computer is almost endless. However, many consumers give little thought to the shape and size of the PC. This is one of the reasons why a clunky tower does its duty on or under many desks. An interesting alternative is to buy a mini-PC.

Contrary to expectations, these compact computers provide equivalent or even better performance than conventional tower PCs. The functionality is also in no way inferior to its significant relatives – quite the opposite. In the following, we’ll look at the features and advantages of mini-PCs and what you should consider when buying one.

What distinguishes a mini-PC from other computers?

PrimeMini 5

Of course, the main difference in a mini-PC is the size, and mini-PCs are significantly more compact than fat clients. These intelligently designed products allow components to be arranged in a performance-enhancing and efficient manner in the smallest of spaces.

The PrimeMini 5 from Prime Computer, for example, has the following dimensions:

  • 17.7 centimetres in width
  • 11.4 centimetres in length
  • Height of 5.5 centimetres

Prime Computer’s flyweight weighs only 1.3 kilograms, while many laptops are much heavier. An average tower case has side lengths of about 40 centimetres and more. Even empty, these cases already weigh over 5 kilograms. If you’re looking for a space-saving solution for the workplace, a mini-PC is the first choice.

The PrimeMini 5 also has a VESA mount. This allows you to attach the mini-PC directly to the back of the monitor. This saves space, prevents cable clutter and provides a tidy workspace.

For which purposes is a mini-PC suitable?

Mini-PC kaufen

A clear advantage of mini-PCs is the versatile application possibilities. In this respect, compact computers are even more flexible than large tower systems.

On the one hand, this is due to the compact design. Mini-PCs are ideal PCs for hotels and the catering trade. Here, the PCs can be hidden in front of customers and require hardly any space. The same advantages can be seen in the home office, where there is little space for a PC.

On the other hand, the mini-PCs have features that make them ideal for use in challenging areas. For example, the PrimeMini 5 has an IP rating of 51. IP ratings provide information about the protection of a device against environmental influences. The PrimeMini5 is therefore ideally equipped for use in environments with increased dust exposure, for example, in workshops. Mini-PCs from Prime Computer are therefore also suitable as rugged PCs.

Fanless mini-PCs like the PrimeMini 5 are also completely silent. This also expands the range of possible applications. This feature is essential in the medical sector or educational institutions. But a silent PC also improves the working environment in the office or home office.

Among other things, a mini PC from Prime Computer is suitable as:

  • Replacement for a fat client
  • Medical PC
  • Rugged PC
  • Home office PCs
  • PC for educational institutions

Let Prime Computer advise you now and learn more about mini-PC’s possible uses.

How important is quality when I want to buy a mini-PC?

There are sometimes enormous differences in the quality of computer components. Many customers are not aware of this when they buy a mini-PC. Particularly affected by this are the parts to which little attention is paid. These include, for example, the power supply unit, components from the cooling system or the circuit boards.

Therefore, it is not surprising that failures in these components are among the most frequent reasons for a defective PC. This is not only annoying but often results in additional costs. If a computer fails right after the warranty expires, the repair costs are on you.

A computer with high-quality components will last for many years. You can recognise manufacturers who use such components by the more extended warranty period. That is why Prime Computer grants a warranty period of 5 years on the PrimeMini and other systems. If contrary to expectations, a defect should occur during this time, Prime Computer will take care of the repair or provide you with a replacement of equal value.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly: What is the balance of a mini-PC?


Issues such as sustainability and environmental protection have become the focus of society in recent years. By choosing an environmentally friendly computer, you are making a valuable contribution to a green future. Especially with computers, there are big differences when it comes to the ecological footprint.

This starts with the choice of system. Mini-PCs require fewer resources than large computers. This does not only apply to the housing. The motherboard is also much smaller. These components are difficult to recycle and consist of valuable raw materials such as copper, gold or nickel. A compact computer, therefore, requires fewer of these resources.

A central factor is also power consumption. This point is often underestimated but plays an increasingly important role due to rising electricity costs. A normal computer consumes between 100 and 150 watts of electricity. If the system runs for 8 hours a day, then at 22 centimes per kilowatt-hour, electricity costs amount to CHF 100 per year.

With the same running time, the electricity costs drop to CHF 15 if the system consumes less than 25 watts. Such differences are quite realistic in practice. It is, therefore, worthwhile to invest a little more in the purchase of an economical system. You will easily recoup the purchase costs through the savings in running costs.

The manufacturer of the system influences sustainability

The choice of manufacturer also has an influence on the sustainability of the system. Prime Computer, for example, attaches importance to the climate neutrality of its own products. The company offsets the CO2 emissions of its computers by supporting certified climate projects. This includes, for example, a reforestation project in Peru.

Prime Computer also has a Second Life Cycle programme. This gives your used PrimeMini or other Prime Computer system a second use. Many working computers end up in the trash for no reason. Second use helps reduce electronic waste. This is an important step towards a greener future.

What options do I have when upgrading if I want to buy a mini-PC?

prime mini 3

Upgrading the computer is a point that is rarely considered when buying. Yet the useful life of a computer can often be significantly extended by a targeted upgrade. You also save money this way, because upgrading is significantly cheaper than buying a new one.

With a Mini-PC, it is important to make sure that upgrades are possible. The PrimeMini 5, for example, offers you two places for hard disks. A SATA interface and an NVMe slot for SSD hard disks are available. There are also 2 memory slots, and RAM can be expanded to a maximum of 32 GB.

An advantage of the PrimeMini is that both RAM and hard disks are easily accessible. This makes upgrading or replacing them a breeze. Furthermore, you have the option of increasing the number of external interfaces via additional modular connections. If required, the PrimeMini even offers dual Ethernet or an RS232 interface.

The advantages of the PrimeMini in summary

The PrimeMini 5 combines all the advantages of a mini PC. You also benefit from a long warranty period and support from Switzerland.

These are the key advantages of the PrimeMini 5:

  • Low operating costs and long service life
  • Wide range of applications
  • 100 per cent climate-neutral
  • Many options for easy upgrading
  • Support and service from Switzerland

Convince yourself of the competent service and inform yourself directly about the mini-PCs from Prime Computer.

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