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In this blog, we’ll explain what’s behind the Circular Electronics concept and how businesses can benefit from IT equipment that is circular.

The term “Circular Electronics” refers to not only recycling electrical equipment. There is enormous potential for making better use of resources in the IT sector, and this applies not only to the design of systems but also to the entire life cycle. In a circular economy, resources are handled in a more responsible way. For electronics, this means reducing virgin resource extraction, extending use-life of products and minimizing waste and pollution.

But Circular Electronic is not only good for the environment, and you and your business also benefit from this concept. This article is about the benefits for companies that arise from Circular Electronics in the IT sector.



What are the benefits of Circular Electronics for companies?


The environmental benefits of this approach are clear. However, many companies are hesitant because financial factors play an essential role in decisions. Therefore, environmentally friendly solutions must also be worthwhile for you. Circular Electronics offers you several advantages, including positive aspects in the area of costs.

Even at the time of purchase, favourable options are available to you. Circular Electronics can be rented, for example. This means that modern systems are available without high investment costs for your IT infrastructure.

Circular Electronics are not disposed of but returned. The residual value is credited, and this means that you receive a financial equivalent when you return used systems to the cycle.

In addition, computers designed to be environmentally friendly are also very energy efficient because the manufacturer attaches great importance to installing only the best and most energy-saving components. You benefit from lower operating costs. Electricity is becoming increasingly expensive, especially in recent times, and electricity costs are therefore playing an increasingly important role for companies.

Likewise, such hardware focuses on the most extended possible service life. Accordingly, the devices are designed for durability, and this means that your investments can be used for longer. On the other hand, the systems are also stable and reliable. This minimizes downtimes, which also cause costs, and this also benefits you financially.

As a company, you have these five advantages of the Circular Electronics concept, among others:

  • Reduced costs for IT infrastructure: The devices’ modules can be upgraded, repaired and upgraded, which saves massively on costs.
  • Implementation of Green IT: The use of green IT has a positive impact on your company’s carbon footprint. Note that some countries have already introduced a CO2 tax for companies. Therefore, it can also be vital to look at your company’s emissions and find potential savings.
  • More reliable hardware: High-quality assembly and the best components are the cornerstones of circular electronics. Since only top components are used in them, you can assume that these devices are also more reliable than conventional hardware, where the quality standards are not as high.
  • Longer service life: Circular electronics, such as Prime Computer’s Circular line, are designed so that their modules can be easily replaced, repaired or upgraded, extending their lifespan and service life.
  • Easier and cheaper upgrade options: Instead of replacing the entire device, you only replace the module and receive an upgrade (individually selectable in terms of CPU, GPU and RAM, for example) that meets your new requirements.
PrimeBook Circular Mood Table

Circular Electronics Was Born from the Idea of a Circular Economy

In today‘s linear economy, resources are taken from the earth to make new products that end up in landfill as unusable products after their use. Such a model leads to overconsumption and inefficient use of resources. There is a need to shift the current economy to a model based on efficiency and resource sufficiency, focusing on the use and quality of products.

The circular economy is the consideration of the entire life cycle of a resource. Resources must function at their highest potential for as long as possible. After their use, they must re-enter the system to create value again and again, from design to use to remanufacturing.

Broken down to electrical appliances, the circular way of doing business means that resources are kept in the cycle for as long as possible.

PrimeStation Pulsar

The Circular Electronics Day and Other Actions of Prime Computer


Prime Computer is actively working in many areas to implement sustainable cycles based on the principle of Circular Electronics. This includes, for example, Circular Electronics Day. As a side event of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow 2021, this day of action took place with the online community of “We Don’t Have Time”. The central message was to focus on a sustainable circular economy.

Prime Computer also started collaborating with “We Don’t Have Time”. As a result, this organization’s IT was sustainably equipped by Prime Computer.

Since 2021, Prime Computer has been operating in a climate-neutral manner. On the one hand, this was achieved through sustainable practices in the corporate sector. On the other hand, Prime Computer also supports projects for the compensation of greenhouse gases. In this way, a complete compensation of CO2 emissions takes place.

What Are the Advantages of a Modular Concept, and How Does this Fit with Circular Electronics?


Computers consist of several individual components. Often, one component is to blame for the system no longer serving its purpose. This can be too little RAM or a limitation due to a lack of processor power. Even a defect in one component often leads to the entire system being replaced and disposed of.

This creates a lot of unnecessary electronic waste. On the other hand, if the system is consistently designed in a modular way, it is easy to replace individual components. In this way, defective components can be replaced or upgraded. Such an exchange is also cheaper for you than the complete new acquisition, which is a major advantage.

Computer introduced the concept of Circular Modularity. This concept is integrated in Prime Computer’s Circular-product line. Concrete examples show how a modular design can conserve resources.

In the case of computers, the interfaces define the standards. If they change, upgrading is no longer possible. This applies to processors, RAM, graphics cards, hard disks and other components.

Prime Computer solves this problem with an additional small form factor module. The individual components are no longer directly connected to the interfaces but via an SFF module.

With this concept, it is possible to upgrade your computer specifically in the future. This also applies when the interfaces have changed, and new generations are available. You can also integrate them into older computers via the modules.

Moreover, the removed modules do not go to the garbage. You can return them to Prime Computer and receive a credit note for them. At Prime Computer, the modules are returned to other systems with the used components.

Circular Modularity System

How can I use Circular Electronics in my company?


The decision for Circular Electronic requires concrete measures for implementation. You can implement the method easily by relying on an IT partner that fully offers Circular Electronics.

Prime Computer is one of these manufacturers. In Spring 2022, Prime Computer presented the first sustainable notebook in the company’s history. The PrimeBook Circular consistently implements the concept of the Circular Modularity.

For example, the notebook has a modular design, which makes it much easier to replace components, and both upgrades and the replacement of defective parts are thus quite simple. It is often unnecessary to purchase new hardware, and you exchange a component and make your PrimeBook Circular fit for new tasks again.

So when you buy hardware from a manufacturer like Prime Computer, you automatically set the course for the circular economy. All that’s left is to return the IT you no longer need from your company.

Prime Computer has also created the structures for this. You return old systems directly to the manufacturer, and you receive a credit note and can invest it directly in new, environmentally friendly systems. This is how intelligent and sustainable IT solutions work.

Interested in how your company can use circular IT?

We will be pleased to take time for you. Contact us and we will help you competently and without obligation.

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  • The term “Circular Electronics” refers to a concept for the circular economy of electrical appliances
  • Circular Electronics are not disposed of but returned, and the residual value is credited. Thus you receive a financial equivalent if you return used systems into the cycle
  • The focus of the hardware is on long service life, which is why these products are particularly climate-friendly
  • A company’s carbon footprint can be demonstrably reduced when it relies on recyclable IT
  • Prime Computer introduces the Circular line of new products with replaceable modules that can be upgraded, repaired and updated
  • The PrimeBook Circular is a notebook based on the concept of Circular Modularity and is already available for purchase
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