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In this video, which we provide as a transcript for reading, Sacha Ghiglione explains the influence of technology on global CO2 emissions and shows how you can save CO2 and costs in the IT sector through sustainable Green IT from Prime Computer.


Video Transcript

Sacha: The fastest growing waste stream is e-waste. Did you know that 10% of global energy and 4% of CO2 emissions are generated through ICT? That’s enormous! The fastest growing waste stream is e-waste. We predict that by 2030, 74 million metric tonnes of e-waste are going to be on the planet if we don’t change now.

The impact is enormous not just on the environment but also on our health. And we need to act now and do more. When choosing sustainable tech it is really important that you choose companies that avoid and reduce CO2 emissions… that recycle their products… and that are third-party certified.

We decrease environmental impacts through our technology because we are 100% climate-neutral and that is over the lifetime of 5 years. We give 5 years warranty: [our products] are easy to repair, we use recycled material, we have a second life program where we extend longevity of our products.

And we are on the edge towards circular electronics! This means that we want to close the loop and actually reuse most of the materials. So if you look at the practical impact of Prime Computer products, then if you take…For example, a thousand products compared to regular devices, our products are 5 years which will save up to 1.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions. And depending on the region of where you are and the electricity cost–up to $960,000 US Dollars! Just on those thousand products over 5 years.

So it’s not about the one product but the scale of 1,000. So not just on the environmental impact of doing and prolonging life when using less energy, but if you look at the cost aspect of savings over due time, then it’s a no-brainer. We want to share our experiences and help your IT department make to make more a more sustainable choice. So, we created a Green IT whitepaper. If you’re interested, please click on the link below.

Click on the link below to access the Green IT whitepaper.

Green IT - PC Cost Calculator - PrimeMini 5

Get your Green IT whitepaper now and find out how you can massively save costs and CO2 in the IT sector!

  • Ten per cent of global energy and four per cent of CO2 emissions are generated through ICT
  • Prime Computer decreases the environmental impact of its products because they are 100 % climate-neutral over the lifetime of five years
  • For example, one thousand products compared to regular devices will save up to 1.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • Depending on the region of where you are, you can save up to 960,000 US Dollars in electricity costs!
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