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If you want to buy a laptop in Switzerland, you have endless options. You can buy your new laptop in Zurich in a brick-and-mortar store or conveniently order online.

Many buyers primarily focus on the price and the technical specifications. But many other factors also play an important role. These include, for example, good service as well as upgrade options.

The PrimeBook Circular scores especially in upgradeability and service. You can find out what else is special about this laptop from Switzerland in this article.

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What are the advantages of a laptop from Switzerland?


If you choose a laptop from the Swiss manufacturer Prime Computer, you have some clear advantages. One advantage is that it easier to perform upgrades on the system. You receive components and spare parts reliably and quickly, which is essential for your laptop’s future security.

It also makes sense to rely on regional manufacturers for environmental reasons. This guarantees short delivery routes, and this minimizes CO₂ emissions during transport. This is important to more and more consumers and influences their purchasing decisions.

These are some of the key advantages when you buy a laptop from a Swiss manufacturer:

  • Support and service directly on site
  • Personal advice
  • Short delivery routes
  • Options for system upgrades
  • Options for individual configuration

The PrimeBook Circular is based on the concept of Circular Modularity. This next-generation, sustainably designed product allows components to be changed within the chassis in a performance-enhancing and efficient manner. As the individual components of our devices become replaceable and repairable, the life of the devices is extended, and less electronic waste ends up in landfills.

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Top customer service is guaranteed with a laptop from Switzerland!

With a laptop from Switzerland, you have several advantages. Significant are the contacts in your area. This is helpful if there is a defect or other problem with your laptop. So you get fast and expert help. Thus, there are no repair times of months.

Swiss manufacturers like Prime Computer focus on their customers, and this is demonstrated by personal and individual support. This also includes that the consultants take their time when you are looking for a new laptop.

On-site support is also advantageous if you need general help. Thus, there is always a contact person available at Prime Computer, and contact is made via chat, e-mail or telephone.

Fast processing of deliveries of spare parts is also guaranteed. This also applies to upgrades, and you receive new components quickly and directly from the manufacturer.



What makes the PrimeBook Circular so special as a laptop from Switzerland?


With the PrimeBook Circular, Prime Computer offers you a portable computer designed for mobile work. One advantage is the product configurator that is available for the PrimeBook Circular.

You can put together your laptop the way you need it. Besides the processor, you can choose which operating system your PrimeBook Circular should be equipped with. The PrimeBook Circular also gives you the option to choose between different layouts for the keyboard.

A significant advantage of the PrimeBook Circular is its future compatibility. Upgrading laptops and mobile systems, in particular, is often tricky, and Prime Computer takes a different approach from the PrimeBook Circular. Here, upgrading is explicitly made easier.

With the PrimeBook Circular, you can replace the components that include the processor, graphics card, RAM and WLAN, or upgrade them at a later date at a comparatively low price. This saves you having to buy a new one.

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What exactly is Circular Modularity?


Circular modularity is a concept that makes individual components in a system particularly easy to replace. This is achieved with modular design and interface standards.

In the PrimeBook Circular, the processor, graphics card, RAM, and WLAN module are not permanently installed in the laptop. Rather, they are on a replaceable component. This communicates with the other parts of the laptop via an interface and can be replaced easily.

Prime Computer offers you this component for your PrimeBook Circular. In the future, new generations of processors and memory will be available. This will allow you to install a more powerful CPU or more memory to upgrade the performance.

This will keep your PrimeBook Circular upgradeable for many years to come without having to dispose of the entire notebook. This is a decisive advantage of Circular Modularity.

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The technical data of the PrimeBook Circular


The PrimeBook Circular is a laptop that can be used as a versatile mobile office. You have several configuration options, and you can adapt the laptop to the intended use.

This is especially important for processor performance. You can choose between a Celeron, i5 or i7 CPU. With its M.2 slot, the PrimeBook Circular is suitable for fast SSDs.

The 13.9-inch screen allows screen resolutions up to 3000 by 2000 pixels. It is an IPS touchscreen, so control is possible without a mouse. Including the battery, the PrimeBook Circular only weighs 1.5 kilograms.

Network integration is possible via cable with 10/100/1000 Mbps. Alternatively, WiFi 6 with transfer rates of up to 2.4 Gbit/s is available. The PrimeBook Circular has an HD camera and is suitable for Windows Hello.

You can choose between Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 and Linux Ubuntu for the operating systems. Working at the keyboard is pleasant even in the dark, thanks to an adjustable backlight.

The PrimeBook Circular comes with the following interfaces:

  • HDMI 2.0b
  • Mini DisplayPort 1.4a
  • Thunderbolt 4/USB 4 via Type-C
  • USB 3.2

Charging the battery is possible in Fast Charging via USB-C with up to 65 watts.

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  • The PrimeBook Circular gives you the opportunity for system upgrades.
  • You receive components and spare parts reliably and quickly.
  • With the PrimeBook Circular, Prime Computer offers you a portable computer designed for mobile work. One advantage is already the product configurator that is available for the PrimeBook Circular.
  • Laptop based on the Circular Modularity concept
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