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When we think of a great company, we often frame it as an individual entity. But no company is an island; behind the scenes, greatness can only be built with the help of others. Prime Computer, just like every company, is part of an ecosystem that includes not only customers, suppliers and shareholders, but also a strong community of sustainability partners.

As a result, these partnerships have become vital to the success of any company and are as carefully planned and nurtured as any products or solutions that come to market. A partnership adds value to any business, which is explained in this blog article.

Prime Computer’s Strong Network

The partners we cooperate with are engaged and act toward a sustainable future.

Valentin Boutmy
We expect our partners to be committed and dedicated to a sustainable future. Transparency and authenticity are our most important values when working with our partners.
- Valentin Boutmy, CSR Manager at Prime Computer.

Connecting the Dots

We Don’t Have Time

We Don’t Have Time is a disruptive social network for the growing movement of people who want to change the status quo. Prime Computer connects with climate activists because acting together to combat climate change is more effective than going it alone. We Don’t Have Time is based in Stockholm and has offices in Nairobi and Washington, D.C. People from all over the world come together on the platform to give climate reviews to businesses, politicians, and world leaders, praising solutions and action while calling out those who lag in the green transition. Businesses are welcome as partners to engage with the WDHT community and increase the reach and impact of their progress on climate.

Prime Computer is the technical sponsor of We Don’t Have Time’s Dino Talks and the upcoming COP27 backdoor event in Egypt. Ingmar Rentzhog, Founder of We Don’t Have Time, says about Prime Computer, “Prime Computer is a circular electronics brand, and they are doing their best to produce something much better for the environment. […] I am really proud to be among of the first owners of a Prime Computer laptop.

Achieving Net-Zero & Sustainability Goals

Techies Go Green

Techies Go Green is a movement of IT and tech-oriented companies committed to decarbonising their businesses and making them green and verifiably sustainable. They are enabling each member to purposefully improve their energy efficiency by collaborating and sharing practical know-how, aiming to make every signatory carbon-neutral by 2030.

We are delighted that Prime Computer has joined Techies Go Green – an important initiative which aims to benefit companies, people and the planet,” says Michael O’Hara, Techies Go Green co-founder.

Exponential Roadmap Initiative

The Exponential Roadmap Initiative brings together innovative, transformative and disruptive businesses taking concrete action in line with 1.5°C, with the mission to halve emissions by 2030 through exponential climate action and solutions. Members endorse the 1.5°C Business Playbook, taking action to halve their own emissions and the emissions in their value chain before 2030 towards net zero, integrating climate deeply in business strategy and influencing climate action in society. By joining the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, Prime Computer engages in reducing emissions wherever possible. Additionally, we exchange solutions to reduce our carbon footprint by fostering a network across the initiative’s members.

Collaboration People

European Technology Chamber

The European Technology Chamber is a registered NGO which enables European businesses to use their technologies for the benefit of Europe and humanity. Prime Computer creates more awareness for sustainability issues through our participation in many EUTECH webinars and events.

Greater Success Through the Right Strategy


As a highly specialised climate consultancy based in Munich, Go. Blue. Now focuses on reasonable unpractical measures for companies. As part of the M&P Group, they also offer expertise in renewable energies, energy consulting, environmental technology, waste, and real estate management. M&P Go. Blue. Now is a vital partner in assessing Prime Computer’s Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Circular Electronics Initiative

The Circular Electronics Initiative aims to encourage organisations and consumers to take a more responsible approach to the electronic goods they use by raising awareness of the importance of the circular economy in the electronics industry. As a member of the Circular Electronics Initiative, Prime Computer is collaborating and acting toward a circular future.

Greentech Alliance

The Greentech Alliance is a community of green tech companies from all over the world which connect the members to top-tier VCs, media and experts. For the last decade, the movement to create solutions in the fight against climate change has reshaped the world and allowed humanity to use the power of community and technology to shape a vision of a sustainable future. The Greentech Alliance was built to connect the faithful stakeholders to this vision and work tirelessly for the planet and its communities. The alliance’s purpose is to facilitate networking between members, advisors and their external stakeholders and create new business opportunities for members. As a member of the Greentech Alliance, Prime Computer participates in workshops, conferences and webinars dealing with the topic of sustainability in technology.


Earth is our home

Steps for Successful Cooperation With Partners

Sustainability partnerships can take many different forms. Whether long-term partnerships that involve formal and legal commitments, media partnerships that draw attention to the most burning issues of our age, or networks that reinforce community exchanges, the same principles apply in all cases when it comes to fostering partnerships in sustainability.

  • Identify the opportunity

First, you need to identify the specific challenge partners face and then you  can help them solve it

  • Work toward a common goal

Establishing a common purpose sets the foundation and acts as the glue to hold the partnership together

  • Lean into each other’s strengths

Benefit from your common strengths and grow beyond them as teams

  • Communication is key

Open communication between the members of a partnership is critical when ensuring expectations are met equally



Markets are becoming increasingly complex and globally interconnected. To survive in this tough competition, strong strategic partnerships are needed. Companies can expand their relevance and addressable market, and clients benefit from stronger offerings made possible through collaborations. Especially concerning sustainability and the expansion of a circular economy, it is essential to deepen relationships with experts from a wide range of sustainability fields. Only then it is possible to offer sustainable products and services that help customers and companies to be more successful.

Want to Be Part of Our Mission? Strong Sparring Partners Are Welcome!

Our values and vision match your expectations and you want to be part of the sustainable movement? Finding sustainable solutions for the challenges imposed by the electronics ecosystem is your passion and you want to turn your ideas into a competitive advantage? Then we are very excited to get to know you and your project! We are particularly interested if you are working in one of the areas below:

  • Repairing and Maintenance
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Logistics
  • Raw Material Processing
  • Secondhand Retailing
  • Manufacturing Components out of Recycled Materials
  • Carbon Capture Technology / Regenerative Agriculture Offsetting Systems
  • Policymakers Advocating a Circular Economy

Nachhaltigkeit Berge Swiss Mountains

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