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The structure of a computer has been identical for quite some time. In the casing, individual components are responsible for specific tasks. The processor is the computing unit and the hard disk stores data. They are connected via interfaces. Replacing the components is complicated because of the interfaces, which are constantly changing. Now the concept of modular computers shows that it can be done differently.


What is a modular computer?

First of all, a modular computer is a normal computer. You can use it like any other PC or laptop for work and other tasks. Likewise, all regular operating systems like Windows or Linux as well as programs run on these systems.

Even from the outside, a modular PC or laptop does not differ from classic devices. You’ll find the same interfaces as USB or WLAN. The case is also the same as usual. Thus, there are no differences in everyday use.

However, a modular computer deviates from the classic construction concept. The central components, such as the processor or the graphics card, sit on one or more plug-in cards. These are connected to the system via a uniform interface. The form factor and interface of the components are therefore no longer decisive when replacing them. Thanks to the plug-in cards and the uniform interface, the components are compatible with the modular PC.


What makes a modular computer so special?

With a modular computer, one component no longer determines the useful life of the entire system. Previously, this was often the case. For example, a completely new PC used to be purchased when the processor no longer provided sufficient performance.

A modular computer, on the other hand, makes it easy to replace components. You no longer need to pay attention to interfaces and standards. The exchange is possible in any case.

This is the core of the concept of Circular Modularity. With this principle, it is possible to extend the useful life of the entire computer. The modular design makes it easy to replace a component when more power is needed. This is also guaranteed for the future and new generations of hardware.

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What is Circular Modularity?

Circular Modularity combines sustainable Green IT with practical options for easy upgrading of IT systems.

Circular modularity makes it possible to extend the useful life of both components and the entire computer. This paves the way for a circular economy in IT. The IT sector in particular is plagued by inefficient use of technology. Numerous systems are disposed of for no reason, even though they are still perfectly functional. For this reason, among others, electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream.

Modular design prevents this. A laptop, for example, can still be used for many years if it is given a new processor and more RAM. This means that most of the hardware, such as the display or keyboard, remains in use for longer.

Another part of the concept is to make good use of used components. This is also made possible by the modular construction. The plug-in card, which contains the processor, graphics card, RAM and WLAN, can be used again in another computer. This also applies to the hard disk, which can be easily replaced. This can, for example, be a computer that doesn’t need as much performance. This way, these components can also be used for as long as possible.

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What advantages does a modular computer offer you?

For you, a computer with a modular concept has several advantages. One of the positive features is the simple possibility to exchange components and adapt the device to your needs without having to buy a completely new product.

A stronger processor with a powerful graphics card can still be upgraded in years via a module. A modular computer can therefore be individually adapted to your needs. Computers without a modular concept often prevent this because new processors are not compatible with the existing socket.

In this way, you avoid having to buy a completely new PC when you need more performance. With a small investment, you can upgrade your existing PC in the future. This is also sustainable. Instead of buying a whole new computer, you only replace the components that are no longer powerful enough.

Another advantage of the modular concept is the possibility to exchange plug-in modules between different computers. If you have several computers with a modular design, you can switch components between them. This also works between a notebook and a desktop or mini PC. For example, you can put your parts from the laptop you’re upgrading into your mini-PC.

This example shows how a modular system prevents electronic waste. Because if you use your IT hardware for five years instead of three, the total environmental footprint of this device is reduced by 40%. It also reduces the amount of money you spend on computer systems. By buying one new module, you’re upgrading two systems at once. At the same time, the upgrade is less expensive than buying a new computer.

These are the main advantages of a modular computer at a glance:

  • future proof
  • easy replacement and upgrade of components
  • customizable to your needs
  • low-cost option when upgrading
  • Environmentally friendly, as it protects resources
  • Components can be easily interchanged between different modular PCs
  • flexible choice of components for your PC
PrimeBook Circular

What systems with a modular principle already exist?

Prime Computer is one of the pioneers in the field of modular systems and the use of the exchanged modules in another system. With the PrimeBook Circular, the company introduced its first laptop with a modular concept in spring 2022.

At Prime Computer, you can get systems with the modular concept today. In addition, the competent support will answer any questions about Circular Modularity and the products of Prime Computer.


Customize a modular computer to your own needs

When purchasing a computer, it is important to have as much freedom as possible when it comes to configuration. There are endless scenarios and priorities. You might be looking for a laptop with very long battery life. Another user, on the other hand, wants a notebook with as much computing power as possible.

That’s why Prime Computer provides you with a configurator. You can use it to put together your own modular PrimeBook Circular. You can choose between different modules and thus adapt the performance to your requirements. You can also influence the type and capacity of the hard drive.

In practice, it turns out that requirements often change. A new task area or new software can mean that your notebook suddenly doesn’t provide enough resources. With the modular design, this is no longer a problem. You simply exchange the element and your computer is ready for the new tasks.

How does the exchange of the modules work?

The plug-in card, which contains the CPU, GPU, RAM, and WLAN, sits internally in the PrimeBook Circular in a slot. You can replace the card yourself or contact Prime Computer or a Prime Computer reseller.

New elements with more powerful hardware can be obtained from a Prime Computer reseller. It will fit your PrimeBook Circular and all systems in the Circular product line that are based on this modular concept. In addition, Prime Computer has a program where you can return your used plug-in cards to the manufacturer. This makes your system upgrade directly cheaper because you get credit for your old hardware. Prime Computer then reuses your old plug-in card in a new device, such as a mini-PC.

With these features, the modular concept becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved. Not only do you benefit, but so does the environment.

  • With a modular computer, a single component no longer determines the lifetime of the entire system.
  • Individual components can be replaced individually.
  • The concept of Circular Modularity makes it possible to extend the lifetime of the entire computer.
  • Part of the concept of Circular Modularity is to reuse used components in a useful way.
  • A modular computer can be individually adapted to your needs.
  • Since modular computers are resource-efficient, they are environmentally friendly.
  • PrimeBook Circular is the first laptop from Prime Computer with a modular concept.
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