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In this video, which we provide as a transcript for reading, Prime Computer’s Head of CSR Monika Dreno explains what a Sustainability Manager does, and how hiring a CSR expert can contribute to your company’s success.

Video Transcript

Monika: Announcing sustainability strategies or just having the CEO speak about it is not enough. Initiatives have to be implemented and that’s where the CSR Manager comes into play. The sustainability manager implements and also monitors all the environmental and social strategies of a company. They do this in cooperation with the CEO so it really is from the top down. They implement the strategy into the whole business and work with all the departments. They also engage with all the key stakeholders of a company to implement the strategies. Strong communication with employees is really important to get everyone on board as well as the decision-makers in the company.

The reason is because the CSR strategies have to be implemented into the day-to-day work of an employee. By having a CSR Manager, the importance of the responsibility is being recognized and strengthened. The three main activities of a sustainability manager are: Engaging with different stakeholders: It’s really important to implement the sustainability strategies of a company with the supplier and with the employees in all departments. Then, what they do, is she or he tries to educate the people on sustainability: Why is it important for a company to change the business and to think outside of the box. The third important part is to do reports. It is really important to show all the stakeholders (external and internal) what the improvements in our sustainability strategies are.

This is why it is important for a sustainability manager to do reports. He or she reports most of the time: does the footprint calculation.As you all probably know, from the scope 1 to scope 3 calculation – if you’ve done the footprint, you’re trying to reduce as much as possible.

And it’s really important to measure/monitor what the reductions are. I think it’s quite difficult to report that, but you can do that with surveys. With employees, with suppliers, with customers…but also with different NGOs and organizations. They work together to really implement the social sustainability strategies. The CSR Manager works quite a lot with the CEO. It is really important that sustainability is not only in one department, but it is engaged with all the departments– and also the CEO! So, they can–if it is important for the CEO, you know it is important for the whole company, and that’s when change can be done.

That’s where the decision-makers are, and that’s why it is quite important to work closely with the CEO. We shared our experience to reach climate neutrality in a white paper, which also contains all the partners that helped us to reach this goal.

  • The CSR or Sustainability Manager has a strategic mission: to design and implement the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, with the support of general management.
  • Monika Dreno is Head of CSR at Prime Computer.
  • With her team, she develops and executes CSR programs as well as conducting periodic program reviews to assess outcomes and effectiveness.
  • This also includes the calculation of the carbon footprint of all of Prime Computer’s activities.
  • The CSR manager is acting as the focal point for the company’s CSR initiatives and building relationships with community partners and key stakeholders.
  • The CSR department works closely with the marketing and HR team to drive internal engagement and promote storytelling.
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