Am 20.09.2022 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Creating a Sustainable Business: The Role of a CSR Manager

Test Reviews PBC
Am 15.08.2022 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Successfully Tested – PrimeBook Circular Convinces in Full-Length Tests

Am 04.08.2022 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Success Factor Green IT and Hybrid Work

Hands of different people holding on to each other.
Am 20.07.2022 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Partnerships for Sustainability

Product family Prime Computer Circular Electronics Green IT
Am 30.05.2022 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Companies benefit from Circular Electronics

Fynn and Sacha Talking Circular Modularity
Am 24.05.2022 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

3D printing, plant-based materials and what else is in store for us in 2022

Warum ein Nachhaltigkeitsbericht für Unternehmen wichtig ist
Am 16.05.2022 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Why Sustainability Reporting is Important to Business

PrimeStation Pulsar wooden desk monitor 6
Am 28.04.2022 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Can the PrimeStation Pulsar convince these test reviewers?

Green Product Award logo
Am 29.12.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Nominated for Green Product Award 2022: PrimeStation Pulsar

Am 23.11.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

What remains of COP26

Circular Electronics Day Logo
Am 04.11.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

CIRCULAR ELECTRONICS DAY – It’s time to act now

crane loanding cargo container to container ship in the international terminal yard port concept freight shipping by ship at sunrise .
Am 14.07.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

The global supply shortages from an SME’s point of view

Am 11.06.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

PC Business Talk with Michael Ganser, former CEO of CISCO Switzerland & Germany

Am 04.06.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

How does a company become climate-neutral?

Am 26.04.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Climate Dialogue Interview with We Don’t Have Time & Prime Computer

Am 20.04.2021 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

The World Takes Notice – PrimeMini 5 Wins Green Product Award 2021

Showroom Prime Computer Gjirafa
Am 08.09.2020 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Gjirafa Inc – Partnership

Boston Limited Logo Servers Storage Solutions
Am 26.08.2020 von Fynn Wohlgensinger

Partnership with Boston Limited

Nachhaltigkeit Berge Swiss Mountains

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