That’s the way we currently deal with IT hardware

Many of us own about 10’000 things. Our habit of consuming is so much more than we really need. The more we buy, the more raw materials are mined, and the more CO2 is emitted during production. The future only happens if there is one and in order to have a future, we need to limit our consumption. This applies not only to food, clothing, and packaging waste but to the way we handle electronics.

Our Solution for you

The Future of Green Computing is NOW

We are introducing the ultimate hardware revolution since Prime Computer’s founding. Breakthrough technology meets intelligent Green IT design: We go one step further and take sustainable IT to the next level.

According to the Circularity Gap Report 2020, only 8.6% of humanity‘s resource use is circular, meaning that over 90% of our primary resources do not return to the economic cycle. At Prime Computer, we accelerate the global transition to a circular future of work and life. That is why we produce a revolutionary system that helps customers tackle climate challenges and high costs. The green movement has just begun!

Forest Infront Huge Mountain Cliff

The Challenge – some hard truths and shocking facts


E-waste is the world’s fastest-growing domestic waste stream, according to the United Nations’ Global e-waste monitor 2020.


The disposal of e-waste contributes to climate change due to the chemicals released when e-waste is burned.


10% of all electricity consumption and 4% of all carbon emissions worldwide stem from the ICT industry.

Health risk

E-waste is hazardous because the components used to make devices contain metals and chemicals known to harm human health. Children, especially vulnerable to e-waste, often work, live, and play in or near e-waste recycling centres.

Labour exploitation

Our electronics products should be really expensive as they rely on a lot of manpower for material extraction and manufacturing. However, this labor force is outsourced to countries where local governments are recognised to ignore social responsibilities. Indeed, their price and value remain low because of complex supply chains making difficult to manage human right risks and high concentration of cheap labor.


Rare-earth metals are critical to the high-tech society we live in as an essential component of mobile phones, computers and many other everyday devices. But increasing demand and limited global supply means we must urgently find a way to recover these metals efficiently from discarded products.

Sounds crazy, but this idea could soon be reality:

Sacha and Fynn's plans for plant-based materials in PC manufacturing and other innovations now in the video!

A month ago, we introduced you to our first circular product: With the PrimeBook Circular, we launched our first notebook, whose computer modules can be easily replaced, upgraded and repaired thanks to the intelligent laptop design and the well-thought-out concept.

But that was just the beginning.

Prime Computer has always been known for leaving conventional paths behind and instead of venturing into the thicket to explore previously unknown paths. A computer made of plants and wood is the latest coup by the two visionaries Sacha Ghiglione and Fynn Wohlgensinger. Here at Prime Computer, the two PC pioneers met and since then they have been working ceaselessly on the first biodegradable PC cases.

Listen in to the conversation with the two and be curious when we present our plant-based solution from the 3D printer to the public this year!

PrimeBook Circular Mood Table

The first member of the Circular product family

The PrimeBook Circular is not only the first notebook from Prime Computer, it is also the first product of the Circular product line which is based on the principle of Circular Modularity. Later this year we will introduce more products that are part of the Circular product family. You can find more information in the video above.



Why do we need to shift?

Our current economic system is based on linear principles of extracting natural resources, using them up, and creating vast volumes of waste. The use of resources has tripled since 1970 and could double again by 2050 if we continue business as usual. Transitioning to a circular economy requires us to team up and commit to doing things fundamentally differently.

CSR Awareness scaled

“Circular by Design”

A central part of Prime Computer’s Circular by Design principles is to consider sustainability at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from the initial concept to its use and eventual recycling.

Thanks to modular components that will be integrated into the new Circular product portfolio, the life cycles of the devices will be extended, and less electrical waste and CO2 emissions are being generated. Prime Computer’s circular devices can be configured at the time of purchase and later when the use case and performance requirements of the device have changed. The modular components of the Circular products are backwards compatible. This means that they are interchangeable and upgradeable within the Prime Computer Circular product line to future generations without changing the rest of the hardware.

Green Motherboard csr design

Eco-friendly hardware 2.0

Prime Computer’s current product portfolio is already sustainable and climate neutral. But now, we are going one step further by improving our carbon footprint once again. How are we doing this?

  • Our upcoming circular products contain more recycled and recyclable materials.
  • End-of-use products are collected and recycled to a high standard.
  • By adopting high-quality components to extend product use, performance, and energy efficiency
River Flowing Through Mountainarea

This way, we lead to a more resilient economy and a healthier planet.

Explained – The cycle from outside to inside and back again

You can imagine a closed circuit like a spiral that keeps on turning. We want to use an illustrative example to explain the principle of Circular Modularity.

You buy a Prime Computer Circular product such as our PrimeBook Circular, equipped with a flexible module. This module includes CPU, graphics card, RAM and Wi-Fi.

After a few years, you want to upgrade your notebook because your use case has changed. This means you need more processing power, a faster graphics card and more RAM.

Instead of replacing the entire hardware, you replace the flexible module with a new module that meets your unique requirements.

Your PrimeBook Circular has now been upgraded, and you have successfully extended the product’s life cycle – you can repeat this step as often as you like.

“But what happens to the old module that I have just replaced?” you ask yourself. “Should I throw it away? It’s still functional after all!”

No, the used module should not be thrown away. It can be returned to Prime Computer (or via a Prime Computer partner) for a credit. We will give this module a new life by installing it in a new mini-PC. This Mini-PC will be used in applications where the performance and features of older processor generations are just right.

Fynn explains the Circular Modularity principle

Fynn Wohlgensinger, Head of Research & Development

The PrimeBook Circular is Prime Computer’s first notebook that is based on Circular Modularity.

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