Our path to climate neutrality

Calculating and offsetting the total greenhouse gas emissions is the first step towards sustainability. We can only save CO2e* according to the climate protection concept: “Avoid – Reduce – Compensate”.


Our products are smartly designed to be highly energy-efficient. We use recycled aluminium for the casing and the compact design and packaging means fewer emissions during transport. The products are durable, fail-safe and easy to repair.


By partnering with the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, we have committed to halving our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 to stabilise global warming at around 1.5°C. In doing so, we are joining the United Nations Race to Zero campaign.

We have removed plastic packaging from our products or replaced it with more sustainable options such as shrink wrap made from sugar cane.


We cannot completely avoid greenhouse gas emissions at present. Therefore, we compensate for the resulting emissions through a certified project.

If you opt for our leasing model, you are doing even more for our environment. Through our compensation and the possibility of climate-neutral IT leasing through our partner CHG, twice as much CO2e is offset as emitted in the first five years of use. This means that the products are even climate-positive.

If you use green electricity to power the devices, the products are also climate-positive. When you return a device to us, it enters our second life cycle programme, where it is put to a second use and emissions are thereby cut.

*CO2e stands for CO2 equivalents. This is a measure of all greenhouse gases aggregated and converted to CO2.

Our goal

We continue to focus on smart designs for our products. The goal is to achieve a circular economy with our products, where we can reuse as many components as possible. In this way, we can reintroduce energy that has already been emitted into the product cycle and maintain technological progress.

Greenhouse gas potential of our products

We have calculated the CO2e emissions of our products from production, use in the first five years, distribution to disposal.

PrimeStation Pulsar Greenhouse gas potential

PrimeMini Slim 2 Greenhouse gas potential

PrimeMini 5 Greenhouse gas potential

PrimeMini IoT Greenhouse gas potential

PrimeServer Pro Greenhouse gas Potential

Save even more CO2e

Greenhouse gas emissions are categorised into three groups according to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. Scope 1 calculates the direct emissions and Scope 2 the emissions from consumed energy. In 2020, we had calculated the CO2e emissions from Scope 1 and Scope 2 and already offset them for the entire year.

However, the major part of the total CO2e emissions lies in the third group (Scope 3). With the support of our partner, Go.Blue.Now, we have calculated the remaining emissions from Scope 3 (production, business travel, employee commuting, consumables, etc.). We will offset the resulting Scope 3 emissions from January 2021.

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A climate project with heart and support

We support the certified climate project Forest Reforestation in Peru. The project helps to develop initiatives that increase both the value of the healthy forest and the income from the sustainable harvest of Brazil nuts. Smallholders are thus enabled to protect and preserve their forest (German).

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