Prime Computer’s sustainable IT: benefits and extent of the concept


Environmentally friendly strategies are now part of everyday life in many companies. Some of the benefits are obvious. Often the focus is on saving energy. In addition, an environmentally friendly approach makes many people rethink. Especially when it comes to sustainable IT, there are many other worthwhile aspects. Green IT from Prime Computer is based on efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable hardware.



Sustainable hardware: The basis of Green IT and Prime Computer’s systems

The strategy of sustainable IT is primarily based on hardware. The computer systems form the basis for environmentally friendly and efficient systems. This starts in the details. It is important to select the right components. On the one hand, these must be efficient and economical. On the other hand, they should still be geared up for professional tasks, as performance is at least as important.

Economical and sustainable IT does not mean that the systems are less efficient. This is quickly made clear by the example of the processors in our products. We install special processors that are designed for mobile use. These are trimmed for energy efficiency and require less power in operation than normal desktop CPUs. Thus, the mini-servers from Prime Computer require extremely little power.

CPUs for mobile use can be installed in desktop systems such as the PrimeMini. The benefits here are permanently lower power consumption for the same performance. The processors are regular models from the current series, which have two, four, or more CPU cores.

The other components are important too. Green IT hardware must have the right properties and thus set itself apart from standard hardware. SSDs, for example, are ideal for data storage. These require significantly less power during operation than classic HDDs. At the same time, an SSD has no mechanical components and generates less heat.

At Prime Computer we consistently pursue the focus of Green IT in every single component. Each component of the system is well thought out and deliberately chosen with Green IT in mind. The overall picture is that of systems such as PrimeServer Pro or the mini-PCs from Prime Computer.

With Green IT hardware from Prime Computer, you plan long-term


The concept of Green IT also includes long-term sustainability. Energy efficiency in operation is only one side of the coin. The hardware should also be usable for as long as possible. This is the only way to ensure the careful use of resources. Of course, this is only possible if the systems are able to meet the constantly increasing requirements.


This is guaranteed by the easy upgrades of Prime Computer’s mini-PCs and servers. For the storage, this is achieved via hot-swap and hybrid caddies. The drives on Prime Computer servers can be changed in one easy step. The hybrid caddies also accept HDDs and SSDs. This ensures flexibility and future-proofing in terms of standards.

The same applies to memory. It is easy to access and can be upgraded at any time. The RAM is often a bottleneck and the reason why systems become slower. If sufficient memory is missing, programs load more slowly. Upgrading this component prevents the complete system from being purchased again.


Another point about sustainable hardware is a concept that is as maintenance-free as possible. Mechanical components are a problem. Due to wear and tear, components such as housing and processor fans are likely to fail sooner or later. With completely passive cooling concepts and the omission of fans, the mini-PCs and servers from Prime Computer solve this problem elegantly.

The housing also plays a role. Our all-aluminium cases are durable and robust. But more importantly, the housings are resistant to dirt and dust. This is achieved by the closed design. Conventional systems permanently draw in room air via the case fans. At the same time, dust gets into the computers. The dust generates heat accumulation and damages the components.

Implement the holistic approach of sustainable IT with systems from Prime Computer

Sustainable IT is a grand overall concept. In terms of IT, this means acquiring systems that meet your own needs as closely as possible. Overcapacity should be avoided. These not only drive up the acquisition costs but also lead to excessive operating costs.

With the PrimeMini workstations and PrimeServers exactly this is possible. The individual configuration allows systems to be delivered exactly as required. At the same time, the products have a clear upgrade strategy. This makes it comparatively easy to increase performance if required.

Systems from Prime Computer bring scalability and flexibility to everyday IT life. For many SMEs and start-ups, these characteristics are particularly important. This avoids both excessive project investments and an IT whose running costs burden the business budget. We are happy to answer questions about sustainable IT strategies or Prime Computer’s products and look forward to direct contact.

Get competitive advantages with sustainable IT from Prime Computer

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For businesses, it is of course important how sustainable IT performs in everyday life. Many are concerned about the environment and want to work in an energy-efficient and resource-saving manner. However, if there is a threat of additional costs, then it is a question of competitiveness. In fact, Prime Computer’s products have many positive characteristics in everyday life. Sustainable IT creates competitive advantages for companies.


First and foremost, of course, is the reduced electricity consumption. Green IT hardware from Prime Computer consistently requires less power than comparable normal systems. With a corresponding number of computers and servers, this quickly adds up to a significant sum. But even for an SME with a few computers, falling electricity costs are beneficial.

What are the goals of sustainable IT?

A strategic approach with a focus on a sustainable IT infrastructure pursues various goals. Thus, it is an overall concept with several benefits that come into their own when combined. In summary, the objectives of sustainable IT are the following:

Sustainable IT achieves these goals in very different ways. Some are very direct and immediately visible. These include improving the working conditions by reducing noise. Others are mainly visible in the medium and long term. This is noticeable, for example, in the maintenance costs and increased product life.

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Get competitive advantages
  • Improve working conditions
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Optimise consumption and use of resources
  • Long-life hardware
  • Climate and environmentally friendly approach of the entire IT

When is the best time to introduce Green IT systems from Prime Computer?

A sub-aspect of sustainable IT is the responsible use of resources. Consequently, it makes little sense to replace current systems. As long as the current IT infrastructure serves its purpose, it should be used. Green IT hardware from Prime Computer can also be introduced step by step as part of planned new purchases.

For young companies, start-ups and SMEs with a low number of systems, implementation is usually easier. Especially for start-ups it makes sense to design the IT strategy directly towards Green IT. This prevents a later changeover process. Furthermore, the benefits of sustainable IT are immediately available. The PrimeMini as a workstation is particularly suitable for this purpose.


How reliable is sustainable IT from Prime Computer?

One of the most important requirements of the IT infrastructure is reliability. The best systems are useless in everyday life if they are unstable or fail often. In fact, Prime Computer’s products score points, especially in this case. There are various reasons for this, all of which add up to systems that are extremely reliable and durable.

An important reason for this is the consistent omission of mechanical components in Prime Computer’s products. Mechanical components are often the cause of computer system failures, even though they only have secondary tasks. A processor fan, for example, must run permanently and ensures that the processor remains cool. If the mechanical fan fails, the CPU overheats. In the worst case, this can damage the processor.

The energy-efficient mini-PCs and servers from Prime Computer are also impressive due to their lower heat generation. For electronic components, however, the temperature range is a decisive factor in durability. The warmer the processor, memory, and hard disk are, the shorter the life expectancy. Green hardware therefore also has a benefit in terms of durability. This contributes to the careful use of resources and reduces costs.

What benefits does Green IT Hardware from Prime Computer have in everyday life?


There are many good reasons for businesses to pursue a green IT strategy with products from Prime Computer. Many of them are not noticeable at first glance and only become apparent in the long term. Others are positive side effects that were not even considered during the planning stage.


One benefit of the PrimeMini and PrimeServer is their high energy efficiency. The systems are composed of power-saving components. The CPU manufacturers offer special, energy-efficient processors for this purpose. These are used in the PrimeServer Pro, for example. In countries with high electricity costs this strategy pays off. Thus, the power savings alone are a strong argument in favour of Green IT hardware.

What positive effects does Green IT have on the working environment?

Noise is a constant factor at computer workplaces. Conventional PCs have active fans. These are necessary and dissipate the heat of the components. At the same time, they generate a constant noise level. Concentration at the workplace suffers as a result. The fanless design of the mini-PCs from Prime Computer addresses exactly this problem. The desktop systems have no fans and are therefore absolutely silent when in operation.

Heat generation plays a central role, especially in server rooms. Often many systems are located in a small space. This causes overheating, which is why server rooms need their own cooling concept. However, air conditioning systems are power guzzlers. If, on the other hand, you use mini-servers from Prime Computer, which have lower power consumption, heat generation is automatically reduced. This also reduces the costs for the cooling concept.

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