What the Media Writes About Us

Prime Computer’s press team enjoys working with journalists around the world to publish compelling, unique stories about Green IT hardware. If you would like to work with us, please email us at marketing@primecomputer.ch or ildiko.gartner@primecomputer.ch and we will get back to you soon.

c't Magazine Tests PrimeBook Circular

July 2022 – c’t Magazin

Notebookcheck Tests PrimeBook Circular

July 2022 – Notebookcheck

Notebook PrimeBook Circular in the PCtipp Test

July 2022 – PCtipp

Swiss IT Magazine Tests PrimeBook Circular

July 2022 – Swiss IT Magazine

Prime Computer and Ingram Micro partner

July 2022 – Swiss IT Reseller

Sustainable because modular

June 2022 – Swiss IT Magazine

Primestation Pulsar desktop PC in review: AMD Ryzen Pro passively cooled and sustainably produced

June 2022 – notebookcheck.com

Sustainable notebook

May 2022 – Mobile Business

Modular, sustainable notebook

May 2022 – Swiss IT Magazine

Prime Computer names Marcel Strässler as CTO

May 2022 – Swiss IT Reseller

How Swiss server manufacturers do business

May 2022 – Swiss IT Reseller

Sustainable notebook from Prime Computer

March 2022 – IT-Business

Prime Computer Launches PrimeBook Circular Modular Laptop

March 2022 – Tom’s Hardware

Prime Computer introduces first - and sustainable - notebook

March 2022 – IT-Markt

The International

March 2022 – Swiss IT Reseller

PrimeStation Pulsar - the whisper workstation in the endurance test

March 2022 – brack.ch

Black and silent: fanless workstation Primestation Pulsar

February 2022 – c’t

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