In five years, we want to discontinue direct sales completely

November, 2018 – IT-Markt

Compact power

November, 2018 – PCtipp

Only specialized IT resellers will survive

October, 2018 – IT business

Small, fine, expensive

July, 2018 – PCtipp

Swiss mini PC without fan

June, 2018 – Swiss IT Magazine

Swiss company challenges Apple with mini PC

May, 2018 – watson.ch

PCs from St.Gallen receive RedDot

April, 2018 – leaderonline.ch

Fanless mini server with a chic design

April, 2018 – Swiss IT Magazine

Tips & Tricks: Buy Server

April, 2018 – gryps.ch

Sustainability in the IT sector - Prime Computer leads the way

February, 2018 – blossik.com

Green Home Office: how to make my workplace more sustainable

February, 2018 – aniahimsa.com

This PC does almost everything: the use of Prime Computer products in the hospitality industry

February, 2018 – webbeeren.ch

Digitization in the healthcare system and the requirements for PCs in the doctor's office

February, 2018 – medpro.ch

Good morning, digital world

January, 2018 – Tagblatt

PrimeMini 3 - Small computer really big

January, 2018 – technikfreak.ch

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