Our Core Values


«You never win alone»

We create a positive environment in which we can give our best on a daily basis, support our colleagues, but also motivate and challenge each other. We value constructive, respectful interaction and leave room for an honest feedback culture. Together we meet challenges, grow, and celebrate success.


«Our way of being bold and innovative»

We live in a fast-moving time, and nothing is as consistent as change. That is why we are courageous and willing to accept new ways of thinking and integrate new approaches. We take personal initiative to explore trends, new products, innovative solutions, and attractive markets. We strive for the best possible and play a pioneering role.


«We earn the trust we give»

Trust is the foundation for everything we do and the key to our success. Our customers & partners can rely on us. We are proud to inspire them in the long term – with smart products, high quality, and customer-oriented service. We keep our promises and communicate honestly, proactively, and transparently.


«We do care»

We show appreciation and are grateful for our life and our possibilities. We are aware of our business's impact on the industry, the environment, and the stakeholders. We are forward-thinking and committed to making a positive long-term contribution to ourselves, our descendants, and the planet.


«The essential in mind»

Growth-oriented, we focus on what we do best and show a strong sense of responsibility in achieving our goals and strategies. We strive for continuous improvement and creative problem-solving. We never stop learning, are flexible, and always open to new developments.

Do you share our values and are you also of the opinion that you fit into our team really well? Then visit our career page!

To our job offers

People & Culture

Our team consists of people with roots from many different nations. Together we share the passion and the joy to advance the young company Prime Computer through our commitment and our individual strengths. Diversity is important to us, and we promote diversity among our own team, in all kind of forms.

Our Team
Our Board

Sales Team

  • Simone Merkel Simone Merkel Senior Key Account Manager Germany & Austria
  • Nigel Ransom Nigel Ransom Sales Director AMEA
  • Karl Tucholski Karl Tucholski Managing Director Germany & Austria
  • David_Dorling David Dorling Chief Sales Officer

IT Team

  • Florin Djemailji Florin Djemailji IT System & Support Manager
  • Nabil El Mahmoudi Nabil El Mahmoudi IT System & Support Manager
  • Tibor Schweizer Tibor Schweizer Production Employee
  • Florian_Kirn Florian Kirn Head of IT

People & Culture Team

  • Carole_Baenniger_sw_neu Carole Bänninger Head of People & Culture (Job Sharing)
  • Nadine_Ghiglione_sw_Website Nadine Ghiglione Head of People & Culture (Job Sharing)

Marketing Team

  • Natascha_Gmuender Natascha Gmünder Senior Marketing & Social Media Manager
  • Olivia Imhof Olivia Imhof Head of Marketing

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Monika Dreno Monika Dreno Head of CSR

Research & Development / Strategy Team

  • Fynn Wohlgensinge Fynn Wohlgensinger Head of Research & Development
  • Ben Grippenkoven Ben Grippenkoven Project & Strategy Manager

Finance Team

  • Leoni Bleisch Leoni Jucker Accounting
  • Tobias Klein Tobias Klein Chief Financial Officer

Management Team

  • Sacha Ghiglione Sacha Ghiglione Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors
  • Tobias Klein Tobias Klein Chief Financial Officer
  • David_Dorling David Dorling Chief Sales Officer
  • Michael Ganser Michael Ganser Member of the Board of Directors, Founder & CEO Windage AG


    Michael Ganser has more than 30 years of management experience in the IT industry. He worked for over 20 years in various executive positions at Cisco. He was CEO Germany, CEO Switzerland, and Senior Vice President Central Europe at Cisco.


    As founder and CEO of Windage AG, Michael Ganser invests in next-gen start-ups and advises them on sustainable IT and on many other areas.

  • Remo Bienz Remo Bienz Chairman of the Board of Directors, Founder & Co-Owner Fortimo AG


    Together with his twin brother Philipp Bienz, Remo Bienz founded the real estate developer Fortimo AG and has helped it grow steadily. Since 2000, for example, Fortimo has already developed more than 3,500 residential units.


    In addition to his work at Fortimo, Remo Bienz is an investor in promising companies through the company he founded, Fortyone AG. Since 2020, he has also been a significant shareholder in FC St.Gallen Event AG together with his brother.

  • Sacha Ghiglione sw Sacha Ghiglione Member of the Board of Directors, CEO Prime Computer AG


    Sacha Ghiglione was COO at Prime Computer AG, Marketing Manager & Key Account Manager at Studex of Europe AG, Head of Marketing & Business Development at M.Opitz & Co AG, and Managing Director and Change Manager at Netts GmbH/Gentile.


    Sacha Ghiglione leads Prime Computer AG as CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors. He is Swiss Ambassador of Ark2030, Boardmember at the European Technology Chamber, and Member of the Advisory Board at dua AG, Yeswetrust and Coupolino.

  • Valon Asani Valon Asani Member of the Board of Directors, Founder of MIK Group & dua.com


    Valon Asani is an expert in online marketing. As a professional computer specialist, he has worked for HP, among others. He founded the Kosovo and Switzerland based online marketing agency MIK Group and led it as CEO for more than 7 years.


    In summer 2019, Valon Asani founded dua.com with headquarters in Zurich and offices in Pristina. He leads dua.com as CEO. dua.com is a social platform and community for Albanians to connect worldwide.

  • Oliver Fromenwiler Oliver Frommenwiler Member of the Board of Directors, Founder byOliver & Golflounge


    Oliver Frommenwiler has many years of experience in the IT industry in software, hardware, and networks. Together with his father, he founded and ran the indoor golf facility “Private Golf Lounge”.


    As an Abacus Senior Consultant, Oliver Frommenwiler has been working at Advice Informatik AG since 2011. In this role, he also advises Prime Computer on ERP software.

Focus on People


We want to make a positive contribution

We defined our values together, which state clearly, what we stand for and what we do. They form the foundation of our corporate culture, connect us, and serve as a guide and orientation for decisions. The corporate values also shape our identity and show how each individual’s performance contributes to the company’s success. We believe that the “why we do” strongly influences our “how we do.”

Discover below our values that guide our actions and shape our day-to-day business.


A good employer in your own interest

Only those who feel joy and satisfaction at work will be able to do a good job and commit themselves to our company in the long term. That’s why we want to give every employee at Prime Computer the opportunity to give their best every day in a safe and innovative environment, inspire individuals, and celebrate joint successes as a team. We leave room for personal responsibility and personal development in an open and multicultural atmosphere with flat hierarchies.

Sacha Ghiglione telefoniert mit IT Partner





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